Utah Deer Hunting Season

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2024 Utah Deer Hunting Calendar New Season Dates!

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The upcoming wildlife adventure in Utah during 2024 is set to deliver a thrilling experience for avid enthusiasts. UDWR has officially sanctioned the dates for big game excursions, presenting a comprehensive overview of the schedule, licensing, and regulations. In this article you shall find complete details on state Deer hunting dates, licenses and Regulations.

Utah Deer Hunt Season

It offers four general male buck hunts with various weapon types. Bow hunting is permitted in specified archery zones from September to November for those without buck permits. September to October is muzzleloader season, followed by October rifle season. Another rifle period is offered in October. Multi-season and handgun-archery-muzzleloader-shotgun-only (HAMS) variants are available for extra versatility.

ArcheryAug 17 - Sept 13
Early RifleOct 9 - Oct 13
Main RifleOct 19 - Oct 27
Limited Late MuzzleloaderOct 30 - Nov 7

Utah Elk Hunting Season

Elk TypeMethodDates
General Spike UnitsArcheryAug 17 - Sept 6
General Any-Bull UnitsAug 17 - Sept 18
Limited Bull ElkEarlyAug 21 - Sept 17
RifleSept 18 - Sept 22
MidOct 5 - Oct 17
LateNov 9 - Nov 17
ArcheryNov 30 - Dec 15
MuzzleloaderSept 23 - Oct 4
General Elk - All UnitsOct 30 - Nov 7
General Spike UnitsRifleOct 5 - Oct 17
General Any-Bull UnitsFirstOct 5 - Oct 11
SecondOct 12 - Oct 18
Youth Any-Bull ElkRifleSept 14 - Sept 22

Mule Deer Hunting

Utah mule deer season is August 19–November 9, 2023. The hunting area and pass type determine hunting days and limitations. Check recent guidebooks for season times and details. All big game animals, including mule deer, can apply from March 23 to April 27, 2023, and lottery results will be posted by May 31st. From February 7 to April 30, 2023, antlers and horns cannot be taken.

Deer Hunting Regulations

  • Large game harvesting permits are offered to 11-year-olds who will be 12 by year’s end. Hunter Training Programs are for under-18s, whereas Trial Hunting Programs are for 12+. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent, legal family, or permitted 21-year-old adult. The accompanying adult must have hunter education and be nearby to provide verbal help. Electronic equipment cannot replace human monitoring in this situation.
  • Except for Trial Hunting Program participants, persons born after December 31, 1965, require a Division-approved hunter education course for a hunting license or big game permit. Education numbers or blue cards indicate completion. Join the Division’s pass lottery after enrolling at wildlife.utah.gov/huntereducation and verifying online. Game guidelines for under-15s.
  • New residents with out-of-state hunter education must secure a blue card at any Division office before purchasing a resident hunting pass.
  • Big game permits, extra points, and preference points require a valid hunting or combo pass. No need for a new license if yours is valid at the time of application. Combo game  permits are valid for a year.
  • There are several kinds of big game hunting permits. Wildlife.utah.gov accepts applications for most big game permits between Jan. 27 and March 3.
  • Regional permits include elk, pronghorn, bison, bighorn sheep, moose, and mountain goat hunting. Utah male deer must wear hunter orange unless otherwise stated.
  • State law bans scoped handguns for buck deer hunting. The pistol needs a single back handgrip, a 15-inch barrel (including the chamber), no vertical foregrip, fixed/removable/foldable buttstock, or rear grip support. Total firearm length cannot exceed 24 inches.
  • Buck hunting gear is required, with muzzleloader and rifle sights restricted. Handguns must have a 15-inch barrel, a single unsupported rear handgrip, and a 24-inch length.
  • Non-harvesting limited-entry bow hunters who take an online course may use extended archery zones. The prolonged archery season does not need a poll, but a harvest report is required within 30 days of the limited-entry season.

UT Deer License Fees

Deer License TypesResident FeesNon-Resident Fees
General Season Deer Permit$30 $268
Limited-Entry Deer Permit$65 $518
Dedicated Hunter Permit$30 $268
CWMU (Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit)$30 $268
Youth General Season Deer Permit$15 $68
Youth Any Legal Weapon Permit$30 $268


What are the general season types for deer hunting in Utah?

There are four different general deer shooting seasons available in Utah: archery, muzzleloader, early any legal weapon (rifle), and any legal weapon (rifle).

When does the general-season archery buck deer hunt start and end in Utah?

The third Saturday in August and the third Friday in September are the start and finish dates for the general-season bow whitetail deer chase.

What are the different types of deer permits issued in Utah?

There are two types of deer licenses available: limited-entry and open season. There is a limit of one mule buck pass per person per year, and both are issued through distinct point systems and lotteries.

How can I apply for a deer hunting permit in Utah?

Through the website of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, hunters can register for deer shooting licenses. Normally, the registration process begins in early January and lasts until the end of February.

Can non-residents hunt deer in Utah?

It is legal for non-residents to shoot deer, but they must obtain a non-resident hunting pass and spend more money than locals.

Can I hunt deer on private land in Utah?

The landowner must give approval before hunting on their property, and there may be other rules or limitations in place. Before shooting on private property, hunters should get in touch with the proprietor and study the Utah hunting laws.

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