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2024 Colorado Hunting: New Big Game Season Dates!

Discover the 2023–2024 Colorado Hunting Seasons for a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure. To help you organize the perfect outdoor trip, we’ve provided helpful information about the Centennial State’s latest games and schedules in this page.

Colorado Hunting Seasons 2023-2024

The big game typically begins in late August and continues through December, while the small game schedule typically begins in October and continues until April.

Big Game Overview





Black Bear

Furbearer Season






Pine Marten



Ring-Tailed Cat





Waterfowl Season


Duck and Coots



Mountain Lion

Small Game


​​​Hawking & Falconry

Each hunting license and geographic region has its own season opening and closing dates. Pages 4–7 of the booklet have useful tables with further information. Certain licenses have time restrictions and may only be utilized during certain periods. There are optimal times for shooting, and you should be aware of such times.

For Complete hunting rule category wise, find the list of regulation brochure below:

For more list of brochures visit the website.

Safety and Consideration for for Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor ActivitiesColorado promotes hunting, hiking, riding, wildlife watching, and more.
Support for Wildlife Management70% of wildlife management funding come from hunting and fishing.
Preparation for NonhuntersNonhunters should know hunting season dates and safety advice. Fluorescent clothing is advised.
Respect and CourtesyIt's prohibited to harass hunters. All outdoor users deserve respect and civility.
Hunters and ConservationHunters are vital to wildlife conservation and CWD control.
Hunting Season ExpectationsThe hard northwest winter lessened hunting pressure. The Eastern Plains improved after rain.
Hunting ForecastDespite hurdles, hunters have a good hunting prediction.
Small Game LicenseSmall game permits have caliber limits during large game rifle seasons.
Planning Your HuntCPW's Hunting Atlas includes locations, maps, migratory pathways, and OHV paths. Extra licenses are available.
Contact InformationCall center agents and hunt planners are available for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it often legal to go hunting in Colorado?

Late August through December is prime time for big game, whereas October through April is prime time for small game.

Do I need a license to hunt in Colorado?

Absolutely everyone, regardless of age or residence status, needs a license to go hunting in Colorado. The hunters must also follow any extra rules that apply to the species they are targeting.

What are the different species of game animals in Colorado?

Elk, deer, bear, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, and many more kinds of game animals call Colorado home.

Do I need a permit to hunt on Colorado's public lands?

While the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Property Management both permit hunting on public land in Colorado, hunters must still follow any restrictions that apply to that particular parcel of land.

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