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Virginia Hunting Seasons 2024 Latest Dates & Regulations

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Virginia Hunting Seasons will impress you with its exciting and varied hunting opportunities. It’s time to prepare and plan for the thrilling experiences that lie ahead as hunters excitedly anticipate the start of the hunting season. This thorough schedule guide will provide all the information you need for a successful and enjoyable hunting season in Virginia, whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice. Let’s explore the world of Virginia hunting and be ready for a season to remember, from crucial dates and places to particular restrictions and hunting chances.

Virginia Hunting Seasons

Deer, elk, bear, and turkey are among the bigger game species that may be found in Virginia, along with minor game like squirrels and quail. Virginia has year-round hunting seasons in the stunning Appalachian Mountains.

For a thrilling hunting season, Virginia offers the ideal mix of breathtaking nature, American history, and southern charm.

Virginia Hunting Seasons
Virginia Hunting Seasons


Archery Bear7-Oct – 17-Nov
Youth and Apprentice Bear Hunting14-Oct – 15-Oct
Muzzleloader Bear11-Nov – 17-Nov
Early Firearms Bear2-Oct – 4-Oct
Firearms Bear1-Oct – 6-Jan
27-Nov – 6-Jan
4-Dec – 6-Jan
Firearms Bear  (Accomack and Northampton counties)Closed
Bear Hound Training/Chase18-Nov – 2-Dec
1-Aug – 30-Sep


Early Archery7-Oct – 17-Nov17-Nov
Late Archery3-Dec – 6-Jan6-Jan
 1-Dec – 6-Jan6-Jan
 17-Dec – 6-Jan6-Jan
Urban Archery Deer2-Sep – 6-Oct6-Oct
 7-Jan – 31-Mar31-Mar
NOVA Late Archery1-Apr – 28-Apr28-Apr
Early Muzzleloader4-Nov – 17-Nov17-Nov
Late Muzzleloader  (East of the Blue Ridge)16-Dec – 6-Jan6-Jan
 1-Jan – 6-Jan6-Jan
Late Muzzleloader  (West of the Blue Ridge)16-Dec – 6-Jan6-Jan
 1-Jan – 6-Jan6-Jan
Firearms Deer18-Nov – 2-Dec2-Dec
18-Nov – 2-Dec2-Dec
18-Nov – 6-Jan6-Jan
18-Nov – 2-Dec2-Dec
18-Nov – 16-Dec16-Dec
1-Oct – 30-Nov30-Nov
18-Nov – 2-Dec2-Dec
18-Nov – 16-Dec16-Dec
18-Nov – 6-Jan6-Jan
18-Nov – 2-Dec2-Dec
Early and Late Antlerless Only Firearms Deer2-Sep – 6-Oct6-Oct
 7-Jan – 31-Mar31-Mar
Early and Late Antlerless Only Firearms Deer2-Sep – 6-Oct6-Oct
 7-Jan – 31-Jan31-Jan


Elk hunt within the Elk Management Zone (Buchanan, Dickenson, and Wise counties)14-Oct – 20-Oct
Early Archery7-Oct – 17-Nov
Late Archery3-Dec – 6-Jan
 1-Dec – 6-Jan
 17-Dec – 6-Jan
Urban Archery2-Sep – 6-Oct
 7-Jan – 31-Mar
NOVA Late Archery1-Apr – 28-Apr
Early Muzzleloader4-Nov – 17-Nov
Late Muzzleloader  (East of the Blue Ridge)16-Dec – 6-Jan
 1-Jan – 6-Jan
Late Muzzleloader  (West of the Blue Ridge)16-Dec – 6-Jan
 1-Jan – 6-Jan
Firearms18-Nov – 2-Dec
18-Nov – 2-Dec
18-Nov – 6-Jan
18-Nov – 2-Dec
18-Nov – 16-Dec
1-Oct – 30-Nov
18-Nov – 2-Dec
18-Nov – 16-Dec
18-Nov – 6-Jan
18-Nov – 2-Dec
Early and Late Antlerless Only Firearms2-Sep – 6-Oct
 7-Jan – 31-Mar
Early and Late Antlerless Only Firearms2-Sep – 6-Oct
 7-Jan – 31-Jan


Fall Firearms Turkey SeasonsOctober 21 – November 3, November 23
 October 21 – November 3, November 22 – 23,
 December 4 – December 30, January 13 – 27
 October 21 – November 3, November 22 – 23,
 December 4 – December 16, January 13 – January 27
Archery Turkey Season (Statewide except in areas with closed firearm season on turkey)October 7 – November 17
Youth and Apprentice Fall Turkey Hunting WeekendOctober 14 – October 15
Youth and Apprentice Spring Turkey Hunting WeekendApril 6 – April 7
Spring Turkey SeasonApril 13 – April 28
 April 29 – May 18

VA Furbearer

FurbearerStart DatesEnd DatesBag Limit
Archery Season7-Oct31-OctTwo per hunting party taken between noon one day and noon the following day
Firearms Season1-Nov29-FebTwo per hunting party taken between noon one day and noon the following day
Red Fox1-Nov29-FebOne per hunting party taken between noon of one day and noon the following day
Gray Fox1-Jan29-FebOne per hunting party taken between noon of one day and noon the following day
FisherContinuous closed season for hunting or trapping fisher  
Opossum Season15-Oct23-MarStatewide
Chase-Only Season1-Aug30-Sep 
SkunkContinuous OpenContinuous Openexcept on National Forest lands and Department lands
Striped Skunk1-Sep10-Maron National Forest lands and Department lands Top of Form Bottom of Form

VA Furbearer Trapping

VA Furbearer Trapping SeasonStart DatesEnd Dates
Red Fox15-NovFeb-29
Gray Fox15-NovFeb-29

VA Migratory

Virginia Dove

First Segment2-Sep – 22-Oct15 per day45
 3-Sep – 22-Oct
Second Segment18-Nov – 26-Nov
Third Segment22-Dec – 20-Jan
Wildlife Management Areas   
First Segment2-Sep – 21-Oct15 per day45
Second Segment18-Nov – 26-Nov
Third Segment22-Dec – 20-Jan

Rails and Gallinules

Clapper/King Rails11-Sep – 5-Nov
13-Nov – 26-Nov
Sora/Virginia11-Sep – 5-Nov
13-Nov – 26-Nov
Common and Purple Gallinule11-Sep – 5-Nov
13-Nov – 26-Nov


Woodcock10-Nov – 27-Nov
 26-Dec – 21-Jan


Snipe25-Sep – 26-Nov
 19-Dec – 31-Jan

VA Waterfowl

SpeciesDatesBag LimitPossession Limit
Teal17-Sep – 30-Sep6 per day18
 21-Sep – 30-Sep6 per day18
Mergansers6-Oct – 9-Oct5 birds daily15
 15-Nov – 26-Nov5 birds daily15
 19-Dec – 31-Jan5 birds daily15
Ducks6-Oct – 9-Oct6 
 15-Nov – 26-Nov6 
 19-Dec – 31-Jan6 
Coots6-Oct – 9-Oct15 per day45
 15-Nov – 26-Nov15 per day45
 19-Dec – 31-Jan15 per day45
Canada Goose (AP)22-Nov – 26-Nov2 geese per day6
 23-Dec – 31-Jan2 geese per day6
Resident Population Zone (RP)15-Nov – 26-Nov5 geese per day15
Canada Goose (RP)19-Dec – 24-Feb5 geese per day15
September Canada Goose1-Sep – 25-Sep10 per day30
Light Goose (Regular Season)17-Oct – 31-Jan25 per dayNo limit
Light Goose Conservation Order1-Feb – 5-AprNo LimitNo Limit
Atlantic Brant23-Dec – 31-Dec1 per day3
 11-Jan – 31-Jan1 per day3
Swan15-Nov – 31-Jan1 per permittee per season  Top of Form Bottom of Form

WMA Waterfowl Hunting
Wildlife Management Area Start DatesEnd DatesHunting Days
Mattaponi WMA6-Oct9-OctMondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
Game Farm Marsh WMAOctober 6, 7, 9 Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays
 15-Nov26-NovMondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
 19-Dec31-JanMondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
Robert W. Duncan WMA6-Oct Thursdays, Sundays
Mattaponi Bluffs WMAOctober 6-9 Quota hunt only (Oct 6, 7, Nov 15, Dec 19)
 8-Jan3-FebWednesdays, Saturdays

Youth & Veterans Waterfowl Hunt
Youth & Veterans Waterfowl Hunting Days21-Oct-23Statewide


  • One bear is caught yearly. Bears need 100 pounds to survive (or minimum 75 pounds field dressed). Nursing bears are off-limits.
  • Elk hunting reduces bag limits and deer licenses. Elk are licensed and registered like deer. Successful elk hunters must contact GIF to collect disease samples. In areas where elk populations are rebuilding, the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries has banned elk hunting.
  • A hunter may take one turkey every day, two in fall, and three annually.

VA Hunting License.

(Licenses)For Non-ResidentFor Resident
(Sportsmans)Not Applicable100 USD
(Resident 1 Year Hunting License)111 USD23 USD
(Bear)151 USD21 USD
(Archery)31 USD18 USD
(Muzzleloading)31 USD18 USD

To be eligible for a license, you must be:

• Applicants must have lived in the city, county, or state for six months before purchasing a license.

• Legal Virginia voters: Bear, deer, and turkey hunting need a license. Archery hunting requires a license and permission.

VA Hunting Important & Quick Links


What are the dates for the Virginia hunting season?

Archery game runs from September to December, and there are other reasons for shooting deer with firearms. Quail shooting with a shotgun is permitted from October to December, and there are specified seasons for both firearm and muzzleloader bear hunting. During the archery in October and the gun season in November, turkey hunting may be enjoyed.

Is it legal to go hunting on Sundays in the state of Virginia?

Virginia allows Sunday hunting. Hunters may now hunt all week thanks to the lifting of the Sunday hunting ban. However, certain restrictions apply. Sundays prohibit shooting deer or bears with dogs or guns within 200 yards of a place of worship or any accessory structure. These rules allow hunters to incorporate Sundays in their Virginia hunting trips and maximize the season.

Can I hunt on Sundays on private land without a formal permit?

If you get the landowner’s permission, you may hunt on Sundays in Virginia without a permit. You must have a Virginia hunting license and follow hunting laws. Respect the landowner’s property and rules. Hunters may hunt on Virginia private property on Sundays by following these rules and getting permission.

Is it acceptable to use a firearm or other lethal weapon, together with the assistance of a dog, to hunt bears or deer on Sundays?

No, it is not permissible to hunt bears or deer on Sundays in Virginia using a firearm or any other dangerous weapon with a dog. This activity is specifically prohibited by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, except for using a dog to track injured or dead animals. Sunday dog-hunting for deer or bear may result in fines up to $500, as well as possible Class 3 misdemeanor charges that could lead to up to 6 months in jail and/or fines of up to $1,000. Hunters must follow these rules and use ethical hunting techniques.

Can I hunt deer or bear with a dog in Virginia?

It’s generally forbidden to use dogs to hunt deer or bears in Virginia. There could be certain exceptions, such as utilizing dogs to find injured or deceased wildlife.

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