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Prion Disease in Deer: Cause for Concern or Media Hype?

A white-tailed deer in its natural environment, highlighting the importance of deer health

Earlier this ye­ar, startling news raised eye­brows among hunting fans and deer meat love­rs. Was there a connection be­tween Chronic Wasting Disease­ (CWD) in deer and an unusual human ailment calle­d prion disease? This piece­ takes you through what science says about CWD’s spre­ad and how to enjoy deer me­at safely. Key Takeaways: What is … Read more

Wisconsin Doe Tags 2024: Quota Variations and Proposed Hunting Changes

Wisconsin Doe Tags and resources

Wisconsin’s hunters are preparing for the­ 2024 season with an uncertain outlook. The De­er Advisory Councils from Vilas and Oneida counties have­ been mee­ting recently, and their game management tactics are­ not exactly the same. This could affe­ct the number of doe tags available­ in these areas. Proposed Legislation: A Potential Shift in Doe Harvest … Read more

Washington’s Wolf War: WARAW vs. Science and Survival

Washington Residents Against Wolves (WARAW)

After being exterminated from the Lower 48 states, the magnificent gray wolf returned to Washington, sparking a contentious discussion on its role in the environment and society at the junction of hunting season and wildlife conservation. So, it is essential to comprehend the facts in this complicated environment. Let us introduce Washington Residents Against Wolves … Read more

Utah Hunting EXPO 2024: All You Need To Know!

Utah Hunting Expo 2024-Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

For Utah’s avid hunters, the annual Western Hunting & Conservation EXPO is more than just a trade show; it’s a portal to a season brimming with adventure. Held in the majestic Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City from February 15th to 18th, 2024, this event is a vibrant tapestry of opportunity, education, and … Read more

No Fall Gobblers 2023: Kansas Cancels Fall Turkey Hunting Season for First Time in this season Amid Dropping Numbers!

Kansas Cancels Fall Turkey Hunting Season

Kansas Cancels Fall Turkey Tradition. This year, Kansas won’t have a fall turkey hunting season for the first time in history. The closure was just announced by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) owing to the state’s diminishing wild turkey population. Falling Turkey Statistics for 15 Years According to KDWP scientists, wild turkey … Read more

Aim High! “Wisconsin’s Exciting Bowhunting Season for Deer Kicks Off September 16”. Mark Your Calendars & Grab Your Bow!

Wisconsin's Exciting Bowhunting Season for Deer Kicks Opens in September

Wisconsin’s 2023 white-tailed deer bowhunting seasons starts on September 16, according to the DNR. The state’s crossbow and archery seasons run until at least January 7. To January 31st, the seasons continue in 31 counties. About 252,000 of Wisconsin’s 600,000 deer hunters use vertical bows or crossbows, making bowhunting a common hobby there. Bowhunting Fast … Read more