Tennessee Hunting Seasons 2023-2024 New Regulations & Dates

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Do you want to prepare for the 2023-2024 Tennessee hunting season? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Tennessee is one of the most traditional states, yet its hunting seasons are among the most exciting in the nation. The deer-hunting season in Tennessee is among the longest in the United States. All the details you need to know about Tennessee’s hunting seasons in 2023 may be found in this post. We’ve compiled this guide to the state’s hunting seasons, along with important dates and regulations. You may discover something helpful here whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced hunter.

Tennessee Hunting Season
Tennessee Hunting Season

Tennessee Hunting Seasons

In addition to deer hunting, Tennessee provides a diverse range of small game and turkey hunting opportunities throughout the year.

Tennessee features a trapping season for numerous small game species in addition to hunting. Information about licenses is available online or from any authorized vendor in the state.

Seasons for Deer Hunting in Tennessee.

Tennessee Deer SeasonHunting DatesUnitsBag Limit
Archery*Aug 25-27A, B, C, D, L2 antlered deer per day, no more than 1 per day

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery *
Aug 25-27CWD2 antlered deer per day, no more than 1 per day (on private lands and select public lands)

Sep 23-Oct 27A, B, C, D, LAntlerless bag: Units A, B, C, & D = 4; Unit L = 3 per day, no season limit
Archery Sep 23-Oct 27CWDAntlerless bag: 3 per day, no season limit

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Young Sportsman**
Oct 28-29, Jan 13-14StatewideAntlerless bag: Units A, B, C, & D = 2; Units L & CWD = 3 per day

Nov 4-17A, B, C, D, LAntlerless bag: Units A & B = 2; Units C & D = 1; Unit L = 3 per day

Oct 30-Jan 12, Jan 15-30CWDAntlerless bag: 3 per day

Nov 18-Jan 7A, B, C, D, LAntlerless bag: Unit A = 2; Unit B = 1; Unit C = 1 (Nov 18-Dec 3 only); Unit D = 1 (Nov 18-24 only); Unit L = 3 per day
Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Jan 8-12Private Lands Only***Unit L

  • * Guns and muzzleloaders are allowed in Unit CWD, but archery is authorized on private property. Unit CWD allows hunting on certain public properties. The Region 1 WMA rules include these public lands. Hunting in Unit CWD requires luminous orange.
  • ** Hunt participants must be between 6 and 16. Guns, muzzleloaders, and archery (G/M/A) are allowed. A non-hunting adult 21 or older must accompany young sportsmen and be ready to take control of the hunting gadget. The adult must wear neon orange like licensed hunters. One adult may accompany many youngsters. Units A, B, C, and D can only bag two antlerless deer over four days.
  • ***Leased and privately owned grounds in Unit L are open to hunting. Hunters must get verbal or written permission to hunt on privately owned property. Public lands and WMAs are closed. During this time, Unit L antlered deer cannot be harvested.

Tennessee has a statewide bag restriction of two antlered bucks every hunting season, with a daily limit of one. Under Tennessee law, a buck must have at least three inches of antler growth before it may be legally hunted. It is illegal to hunt or capture albino deer in Tennessee.

For a comprehensive overview of the state’s deer season, including the dates and hunting areas, check out our article Tennessee deer hunting season on our website.

Elk hunting Season

Tennessee Elk SeasonSeason DatesPermitsBag Limit
Archery Sep 30 - Oct 6, 202371 antlered elk

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Young Sportsman (resident only, ages 13-16)
Oct 7 - 13, 202311 antlered elk

Oct 14 - 20, 202371 antlered elk

Note: Elk hunts in Tennessee are quota hunts, meaning there is a limit on the number of hunters and the kind of permits they may use. For more details on how to get an elk hunt permit in Tennessee, please check out the TWRA website.

Bear Season

Tennessee Bear SeasonHunting DatesZonesDogs Allowed
General SeasonSept 23 - Oct 20All ZonesNo
Young Sportsman SeasonOct 28-29Zone 1, 2, 3No

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Nov 18-21Zone 1, 2, 3No

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Oct 7-9, 14-15Zone 1Yes

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Oct 7-10, 13-15Zone 2Yes

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Sept 30-Oct 1,Zone 3Yes
Oct 7-13

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Nov 6-13Zone 1Yes

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Oct 30-Nov 3Zone 2, 3Yes

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Nov 27-Dec 13Zone 1Yes

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Nov 27-Dec 21Zone 2Yes

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Nov 27-Dec 10Zone 3Yes

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Season
Dec 28-31Zone 3Yes
Restrictive Bear HuntSept 16-22Private lands within Kettlefoot/Laurel Fork ReservesNo

Bobcat Season

Tennessee Bobcat SeasonStart DateEnd DateBag Limit
Statewide17-Nov-2329-Feb-241 per day
Private Land23-Sep-2316-Nov-231 per day

Coyote Season

Tennessee Coyote SeasonStart DateEnd DateNote
Coyote1-Jan-2331-Dec-23There is no closed season and no limit.

Rabbit Season

Tennessee Rabbit SeasonStart DateEnd DateNote
Rabbit and Hare4-Nov-2329-Feb-24Limit of 5 bags per day

Crane Season

Tennessee Crane SeasonStart DateEnd DateNote
Statewide Zone2-Dec-2330-Jan-24The number of tags given to the hunter is the bag limit
Southeast Zone2-Dec-2311-Jan-24The number of tags given to the hunter is the bag limit
Southeast Zone15-Jan-2430-Jan-24The number of tags given to the hunter is the bag limit

Dove Season

Tennessee Dove SeasonStart DateEnd DateNote
Mourning Dove 1-Sep-2328-Sep-23Bag limit 15 per day
Oct 14,  2023Nov 5,  2023Bag limit 15 per day
8-Dec-2315-Jan-24Bag limit 15 per day

Ducks, Coots, and Mergansers & Teal Season

Tennessee Duck & Teal SeasonSeason DatesDaily Bag Limit
Wood Duck/TealSep 9-13, 20236 ducks per day (Not to exceed 2 wood ducks/day)
Teal-onlySep 14-17, 20236 ducks per day
Ducks, Coots, and Merganser (Statewide)Nov 25-26, 20236 ducks per day
Dec 5, 2023-Jan 31, 20246 ducks per day
Youth Waterfowl Feb 3, 2024All zones, ages 16 and under
Saturday, February 10, 2024All zones, ages 16 and under

Goose Season

Tennessee Goose-SeasonDatesDaily Bag LimitPossession Limit
Canada Goose:
StatewideSept. 1 – 17, 20235 in Sept.1 on opening day, 3 on other days
StatewideOct. 14 – 29, 202333 times the daily bag limit
StatewideNov. 25 – 26, 202331 on opening day, 3 on other days
StatewideDec. 5, 2023 – Feb. 11, 202433 times the daily bag limit
White-Fronted Goose:
StatewideNov. 25 – 26, 202333 times the daily bag limit
StatewideDec. 5, 2023 – Feb. 11, 20243N/A
StatewideSept. 1 – 17, 20231N/A
StatewideOct. 14 – 29, 20231N/A
StatewideNov. 25 – 26, 20231N/A
StatewideDec. 5, 2023 – Feb. 11, 20241N/A
Blue, Snow & Ross's Geese (Light Geese):
StatewideSept. 1 – 17, 2023202 times the daily bag limit on second day
StatewideOct. 14 – 29, 2023203 times the daily bag limit
StatewideNov. 25 – 26, 2023202 times the daily bag limit on second day
StatewideDec. 5, 2023 – Feb. 11, 2024203 times the daily bag limit
Light Goose Conservation Season*Feb. 12 – Mar. 31, 2024no limitno limit

Grouse Season

Tennessee Grouse SeasonStart DateEnd DateNote
Grouse Oct 14, 202329-Feb-243 bags maximum per day West of I-65, closed

Quail Season

Tennessee Quail SeasonStart DateEnd DateNote
Bobwhite Quail Nov 4, 202329-Feb-24Limit of 6 bags per day

Turkey Season

Tennessee Turkey SeasonSeason DatesDaily Bag Limit
Spring Turkey 2023:
Young SportsmansApril 8-9, 20231 bearded turkey per day
General SeasonApril 15 - May 28, 20232 bearded turkeys, only one can be a jake
Spring Turkey 2024:
Young SportsmansApril 6-7, 20241 bearded turkey per day
General SeasonApril 13 - May 26, 20242 bearded turkeys, only one can be a jake
Fall Turkey:
Fall TurkeySep. 23 - Oct. 27, 20231 bearded turkey per county
Fall TurkeyOct. 30 - Nov. 3, 20231 bearded turkey per county
Fall TurkeyOct. 14-27, 20231 bearded turkey per county

Fall turkey hunting in Tennessee may be restricted to a few counties. In the spring, bag limitations may be changed, and seasons may be shortened. Visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s website to determine if your area is open to lawful hunting.

Hunting Seasons for Small Game in Tennessee.

Tennessee Small Game Hunting Season DatesDaily Bag Limit
General SeasonAug 26 - March 1510
Spring Season (2024)May 11 - June 910
General SeasonNov 4 - Feb 295
Year-roundYear-round20 per person/night
Bullfrog (TWRA Managed Lakes):
TWRA Managed LakesJune 1 - 3020 per person/night

TN Migratory Bird Season

Migratory Birds ZoneHunting DatesBag Limit
Snadhill Crane (Statewide Zone)Dec. 2, 2023 – Jan. 30, 2024
Snadhill Crane (Southeast Zone)Dec. 2, 2023 - Jan. 11, 2024 & Jan. 15 – 30, 2024
Mourning DoveSep. 1 - 28, 202315
Oct. 14 - Nov. 5, 2023
Dec. 8, 2023 - Jan. 15, 2024
WoodcockNov. 11 - Dec. 3, 20233
Jan. 10 - Jan. 31, 2024
CrowJune 11 – July 12, 2023 (Fri, Sat. Sun. only)No limit
Sep. 1 – Sep. 5, 2023
Sep. 9 – Dec 20, 2023 (Fri., Sat., Sun. only)
Jan. 1 – Feb 28, 2024
SnipeNov. 14, 2023 - Feb. 28, 20248
Canada GooseSep. 1-17, 20235
Wood Duck/TealSep. 9-13, 20236 (not to exceed 2 wood ducks/day)
Teal-onlySep. 14-17, 20236
Ducks, Coots, and Mergansers:Nov 25 - 26, 2023 & Dec 5, 2023 - Jan 31, 20246
Veterans and Active Military:Feb 4 and Feb. 11, 2024
Young SportsmanFeb. 3, 2024All zones
Feb. 10, 2024

TN Furbearer Season

Furbearer SpeciesSeasonBag Limit
FoxNov 17, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024No limit
MinkNov 17, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024No limit
MuskratNov 17, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024No limit
OtterNov 17, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024No limit
Spotted SkunkNov 17, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024No limit
WeaselNov 17, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024No limit
Bobcat (Statewide)Nov 17, 2023 - Feb 29, 20241 per day
Bobcat (Private Land)Sept 23, 2023 - Nov 16, 20231 per day
ArmadilloAllowed year-roundNo limit
BeaverAllowed year-roundNo limit
CoyoteAllowed year-roundNo limit
GroundhogAllowed year-roundNo limit
Striped SkunkAllowed year-roundNo limit
Raccoon (Private Land)Sunset July 1, 2023 - Sunrise Sep 15, 2023Nightly bag: 2
Raccoon (Statewide Season)Sunset Sep 15, 2023 - Sunrise March 15, 2024Nightly bag: 4
Raccoon (Training Season)Year-round, except where prohibited by local ordinancesNo take permitted

Hunting Regulations

  • Reviewing migratory bird seasons and bag limitations helps hunters comply and succeed. Understanding timeframes and restrictions can help you organize your hunting efforts.
  • A new permanent permit for adopting families is available. The resource provides licensing cost details. Adoptive families may hunt together with this licence.
  • The Tennessee CWD Incentive Program addresses CWD issues. To safeguard animal populations, the state must prioritize CWD research and monitoring.
  • Unit CWD now covers Henderson County. Hunting in this region requires awareness of the increasing CWD prevalence and proper practice to avoid its spread.
  • All Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) now enable veterans and current military members to shoot waterfowl during state waterfowl seasons as part of their general rules. Veterans and current military may hunt on WMAs following state restrictions.
  • Antlerless deer may be shot during the firearm season in Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park & Natural Area in Region I and Eagle Lake Refuge Bomprezzi Area. This upgrade allows hunters in certain locations to shoot antlerless deer and help wildlife management.
  • Hunting for big game requires wearing at least 500 square inches of orange, with the exception of turkeys or when using a bow and arrow.

TWRA Hunting License in Tennessee

Annual - (License)(Resident)(Nonresident)
(Sportsman)USD 165Not Applicable
(Big Game)USD 33Not Applicable
(Muzzleloader)Not Applicable
(All Game)Not ApplicableUSD 305
(Big Game Gun)USD 33Not Applicable
(Big Game Archery)USD 33Not Applicable

Go to page https://gooutdoorstennessee.com/ to get your Tennessee license.

TWRA Fishing and Hunting Licenses can be purchased online.

Purchase TN Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online
Purchase TN Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online

Annual licenses and permits, unless otherwise specified, are only valid for a full year from the date of purchase. For instance, buying an annual license on February 1st will be good until February 1st of the following year, or a full 12 months. For instance, a migratory bird ticket has a fixed expiration date that is constant regardless of when it was obtained. Verify the start and end dates of the licenses before you pay.

Patrons already in our possession:

The last four digits of a user’s Social Security number and date of birth serve as their login credentials, which are accepted both within and outside the nation. For other sign-in choices, choose “Use Different Info to Sign In” beneath the submit button.

Target Audience Members:

Customers must create a TWRA account to start the purchase process, regardless of whether they are local or visiting from another location. Tennessee hunters and anglers need a Social Security number.

Customers who want to be considered residents for fishing and hunting permits must have a current Tennessee driver’s license or another photo ID issued by the state of Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of Safety checks residency using an online database.


Kids and teens under sixteen may use the procedures listed here to find or establish a TWRA account.

Information about how to contact them:

  • Call 1-888-891-8972 for help with logging in.
  • TWRA Resources: Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Licenses that are digitally issued.

You can trust that the digital copy of your license you get through email is a true and accurate copy of the original document. When you log in and choose the “reprint my license” option, a second license email will be delivered to you.

Anytime, day or night, anybody may utilize the online harvest reporting system.

Customers must assess the game’s quality before the harvest day is through. All you have to do is log in and click the link if you wish to report a harvest.

Resources that are beneficial.

https://license.gooutdoorstennessee.com/Licensing/CustomerLookup.aspx is the official state website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opening day of Tennessee Hunting Season 2023-2024?

The Tennessee Hunting Season will begin on Saturday, September 10, 2023.

Can I hunt deer with a rifle in Tennessee?

Rifles are indeed permitted for deer shooting in certain units. Reviewing the rules for the unit you want to hunt in is vital since there may be limitations on caliber and ammo type.

Are there any special hunting seasons for youth hunters?

For several species, there are indeed designated juvenile hunting seasons. Young hunters have the chance to take part in hunting activities throughout these seasons. Please refer to the rules for the dates and conditions of the youth hunting season.

Can I hunt migratory birds in Tennessee?

Yes, migratory birds, including ducks, geese, and doves, may be hunted in various ways in Tennessee.

Can I hunt with dogs during the Tennessee Hunting Season?

Yes, you can hunt with dogs for certain animals like bobcats and raccoons.

Can I go hunting all year in Tennessee on my property?

No, landowners must adhere to Tennessee’s hunting season dates and bag limitations even while hunting on their property.

Can I go deer hunting in Tennessee without a license on my property?

No, according to state wildlife rules in Tennessee, landowner consent is required before hunting or trapping on private property.

Dates & Regulations Source: Tennessee TWRA

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