Tennessee Hunting season

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2024 Tennessee Hunting Seasons New Dates & Regulations!

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Tennessee boasts extensive and exciting wildlife seasons, notably featuring one of the lengthiest deer-hunting periods in the U.S. For essential dates and regulations in 2023, visit this guide, offering concise information for both beginners and seasoned hunters.

Tennessee Hunting Seasons

In addition to deer, Tennessee provides a diverse range of small game and turkey opportunities throughout the year. The state also features a trapping season for numerous small game species.






Migratory Birds & Waterfowls



Tennessee Hunting Season

Hunting Regulations

  • Crow activity peaks during the initial week of dove season, making it an optimal time for enthusiasts of crow pursuits.
  • Familiarizing yourself with migratory bird schedules and bag limits is essential for compliance and successful wildlife observation.
  • Families who have adopted can now obtain a permanent permit, allowing them to participate in outdoor activities together. Details on licensing costs are available.
  • The Tennessee CWD Incentive Program addresses Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) concerns, emphasizing research and monitoring for population protection.
  • Henderson County’s Unit CWD is now subject to increased prevalence. Individuals in this area must be vigilant to prevent the spread of CWD.
  • In Unit 7, substitute dollars for CWD only last one season, necessitating adherence to crucial rules for responsible outdoor activities and disease prevention.
  • Veterans and current military members are now permitted to waterfowl observe on all Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) during state waterfowl seasons, following general rules.
  • Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park & Natural Area in Region I and Eagle Lake Refuge Bomprezzi Area now allow the observation of antlerless deer during firearm season, contributing to wildlife management.
  • For big game observation, wearing at least 500 square inches of orange is mandatory, excluding turkeys and bow and arrow use.

TWRA Hunting License

Annual - (License)(Resident)(Nonresident)
(Sportsman)USD 165Not Applicable
(Big Game)USD 33Not Applicable
(Muzzleloader)Not Applicable
(All Game)Not ApplicableUSD 305
(Big Game Gun)USD 33Not Applicable
(Big Game Archery)USD 33Not Applicable

Go to page https://gooutdoorstennessee.com/ to get your license.

TWRA Fishing and Hunting Licenses can be purchased online.

Purchase TN Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online
Purchase TN Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online

Annual licenses and permits, unless otherwise specified, are only valid for a full year from the date of purchase. For instance, buying an annual license on February 1st will be good until February 1st of the following year, or a full 12 months. For instance, a migratory bird ticket has a fixed expiration date that is constant regardless of when it was obtained. Verify the start and end dates of the licenses before you pay.

Patrons already in our possession:

The last four digits of a user’s Social Security number and date of birth serve as their login credentials, which are accepted both within and outside the nation. For other sign-in choices, choose “Use Different Info to Sign In” beneath the submit button.

Target Audience Members:

Customers must create a TWRA account to start the purchase process, regardless of whether they are local or visiting from another location. Hunters and anglers here need a Social Security number.

Customers who want to be considered residents for fishing and hunting permits must have a current driver’s license or another photo ID issued by the state of Tennessee. The Department of Safety checks residency using an online database.


Kids and teens under sixteen may use the procedures listed here to find or establish a TWRA account.

Information about how to contact them:

  • Call 1-888-891-8972 for help with logging in.
  • TWRA Resources: Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Licenses that are digitally issued.

You can trust that the digital copy of your license you get through email is a true and accurate copy of the original document. When you log in and choose the “reprint my license” option, a second license email will be delivered to you.

Anytime, day or night, anybody may utilize the online harvest reporting system.

Customers must assess the game’s quality before the harvest day is through. All you have to do is log in and click the link if you wish to report a harvest.

Resources that are beneficial.

https://license.gooutdoorstennessee.com/Licensing/CustomerLookup.aspx is the official state website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opening day of Tennessee Hunting Season?

The Tennessee Hunting Season will begin on Saturday, September 10.

Can I hunt deer with a rifle in Tennessee?

Rifles are indeed permitted for deer shooting in certain units. Reviewing the rules for the unit you want to hunt in is vital since there may be limitations on caliber and ammo type.

Are there any special hunting seasons for youth?

Certain species have dedicated opportunities for young enthusiasts with specified juvenile observation periods. These periods provide young individuals the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. Refer to the guidelines for specific dates and conditions related to youth participation.

Can I hunt migratory birds in Tennessee?

Yes, migratory birds, including ducks, geese, and doves, may be hunted in various ways.

Can I hunt with dogs in Tennessee?

Yes, you can hunt with dogs for certain animals like bobcats and raccoons.

Can I go hunting all year in Tennessee on my property?

Landowners, even when on their property, are obligated to follow Tennessee’s designated dates and bag limitations for outdoor activities.

Can I go deer hunting in Tennessee without a license on my property?

No, according to state wildlife rules, landowner consent is required before hunting or trapping on private property.

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