Hunting Seasons Calendar is Unbelievable This Year! 2023-2024

Looking for hunting seasons information in the United States? Search no further! Your go-to website for the most recent 2023–2024 hunting season information is HuntingSeasons.Org. Go to the chosen state below to obtain the information you want. Be confident that we carefully update all season information annually and make any necessary updates every month in accordance with DNR announcements.

What hunting season is it right now?

The current hunting season varies widely across states and game types. For instance, in New York, deer, turkey, and other game seasons are coordinated with the licensing year, which extends from September 1 to August 31. The license year in Pennsylvania runs from July 1 to June 30 and includes extended hours for bear and deer hunting. From August 1 through March 31 each year, Michigan allows an open hunting season on both public and private areas. So, for complete updated and latest hunting seasons for 2023-2024 across the country, click on the specific Statewide List below.

Summary of Hunting Seasons in USA (Statewide List)

To find out the specific hunting seasons in your state, you can select the State below. Every year, all of the seasons are refreshed.

Statewise Husnting Seasons in USA
Alabama (AL)
Alaska (AK)
Arizona (AZ)
Arkansas (AR)
California (CA)
Colorado (CO)
Connecticut (CT)
Florida (FL)
Georgia (GA)
Hawaii (HI)
Idaho (ID)
Illinois (IL)
Indiana (IN)
Iowa (IA)
Kansas (KS)
Kentucky (KY)
Louisiana (LA)
Maine (ME)
Maryland (MD)
Massachusetts (MA)
Michigan (MI)
Minnesota (MN)
Mississippi (MS)
Montana (MT))
Nebraska (NE)
Nevada (NV)
New Hampshire (NH)
New Jersey (NJ)
New Mexico (NM)
New York (NY)
North Carolina (NC)
North Dakota
Ohio (OH)
Oklahoma (OK)
Oregon (OR)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Carolina (SC)
South Dakota (SD)
Tennessee (TN)
Texas (TX)
Utah (UT)
Vermont (VT)
Virginia (VA)
Washington (WA)
West Virginia (WV)
Wisconsin (WY)
Wyoming (WY)

In the United States, hunting is a popular and long-standing pastime. To many professional hunters, firearms are more than just a means to an end (outdoor leisure and wildlife management).

It’s been a favorite pastime for centuries, and it’s crucial to keeping wild animal populations stable. Federal regulations set season limits and restricted areas for hunters around the country.

Our specialists have compiled some helpful resources for you to utilize if you plan on going hunting during one of the major hunting seasons in the United States.

Seasons are regulated for a reason.

Groups requesting use of federal public property often initiate the season allocation process via a lot drawing or vote method in most states.

Once states have been allotted hunting seasons, authorities will issue regulations outlining proper hunting procedures. Specific guns and rounds of ammunition are allowed for hunters.

As a means of protecting the environment, it is likely that each year a few of new hunting rules may be enacted.

Hunting Seasons in USA
Hunting Seasons in USA

Shooting Sports Regulations

In the United States, both federal and state governments have passed legislation regulating hunting.

The following acts constitute the most severe poaching-like crimes and offenses:

  • When people violate international agreements like CITES, the Endangered Animals Act, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 by killing or collecting endangered species.
  • participating in hunting or fishing without having a valid license to do so from the state.
  • Among the banned weapons are machine guns, snare traps, explosives, poison, nets, and pitfall traps.
  • Any game in which the hunter fires from the seat of a moving aircraft or vehicle.
  • Food baiting, recorded noises, and decoys are all utilized to increase the success rate of a hunt.

Use Game Hunting Seasons to Your Advantage

Although there may be certain seasons and regulations for hunting, there will always be areas where it is permitted. It is critical to recognize that restricted seasons reduce risk and permit natural hibernation and predation. So, avoid going where penalties are less likely to be enforced.

In the United States, hunters often pursue several species, including deer, elk, turkey, and ducks.

The following are some tips for deer scouting that can help you have a fruitful hunting season.

Many places in the United States have well-managed hunting rules, strategies, and arrangements. Visit the state websites that pique your interest for further details.


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