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Aim High! “Wisconsin’s Exciting Bowhunting Season for Deer Kicks Off September 16”. Mark Your Calendars & Grab Your Bow!

Wisconsin’s 2023 white-tailed deer bowhunting seasons starts on September 16, according to the DNR.

The state’s crossbow and archery seasons run until at least January 7. To January 31st, the seasons continue in 31 counties. About 252,000 of Wisconsin’s 600,000 deer hunters use vertical bows or crossbows, making bowhunting a common hobby there.

Bowhunting Fast Facts:

  • 42% of Wisconsin deer hunters use bows or crossbows
  • State record crossbow buck scored 192 5⁄8 inches
  • Licenses cost $24 for state residents; $165 for non-residents
  • Free CWD testing is available for hunter-harvested deer

Bonus Antlerless Permit Sale Dates

Sale DateZones
Aug. 14Northern, Central Forest
Aug. 15Central Farmland
Aug. 16Southern Farmland
Aug. 17All zones

The deer herd is anticipated to increase in fall.

Wisconsin’s deer population is anticipated to have increased before the 2023 hunting season after a mild winter. After last year’s hunts, the DNR estimates that there are 1.5 to 1.8 million people living in the state. With the spring fawn births, the number now probably approaches 2 million.

This year, licenses for antlerless deer are offered in 71 of the county to control the expanding population. The statewide antlerless limit was also raised for 2023 by 3.4%. In the farmlands of central and southern Wisconsin, deer populations are particularly high.

Wisconsin's Exciting Bowhunting Season for Deer Kicks Off September
Wisconsin’s Exciting Bowhunting Season for Deer Kicks Off September

Top Deer for the Season last season

In Wisconsin, the highest scoring buck was shot with a crossbow in Trempealeau County and scored 13 points. According to the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club, the enormous whitetail scored 192 5/8 inches, establishing a new state record for the crossbow category.

Where to Hunt and the Price of a License?

Bowhunting is accessible via regional deer management programs in a number of cities and counties. At approved sales locations or online at the DNR’s Go Wild website (, licenses may be bought. An archery or crossbow license costs $24 for state residents. $165 is the non-resident rate.

Important Safety Advice for Bowhunters

  • When climbing trees, always use a complete body safety harness.
  • Climb with three points of contact and avoid ash trees, which may fracture from emerald ash borer infestation.
  • Inform someone of your intended hunting locations and return time.
  • Available CWD Testing

For deer killed by hunters this season, the DNR will once again provide free testing for chronic wasting disease. To monitor CWD prevalence and provide families health information, hunters are urged to submit samples.

Baiting Is Prohibited in More Counties

Due to the recent detection of CWD in elk from a breeding farm, deer baiting and feeding are now forbidden in the counties of Barron, Burnett, Polk, and Washburn. Baiting prohibitions are in force in a number of other northern counties as well.

Antlerless Bonus Permits Go On Sale On August 14

Beginning on August 14, hunters may acquire bonus antlerless deer licenses via the DNR’s online licensing portal or sales representatives. Three zone-specific days precede permit sales in all zones on August 17.

Top FAQs

When is the season?

  • Archery: Sept. 16 – Jan. 7 (extended to Jan. 31 in some counties)
  • What safety tips should I follow?
  • Use a full-body safety harness in tree stands
  • Tell someone your hunting plans and return time
  • Avoid diseased ash trees that may snap

Where can I hunt?

  • Public land like state and county forests
  • Private land with landowner permission
  • Some city bowhunts to reduce deer numbers

What else do I need?

So prepare your equipment and begin looking for the big one. The bowhunting seasons in Wisconsin will be here before you know it!

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