Oklahoma Hunting Season

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2024 Oklahoma Hunting Seasons New Dates & Regulations!

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Here is a straightforward guide to help you understand the laws, bag limits, and licensing and permit requirements whether you’re an experienced hunter or new to the sport.

Exploring Oklahoma’s forests offers diverse opportunities to encounter various wildlife, ranging from antelope and deer to smaller game and bears. Simplifying the registration process for deer, elk, and turkey captures, the state provides a user-friendly online check-in system. Residents and non-residents alike can conveniently purchase hunting permits through licensing representatives or the natural resources website. With Oklahoma’s effective conservation policies, the experience assures a rewarding adventure for all.

Oklahoma Hunting Seasons











Other Furbearers

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Oklahoma Hunting Seasons

Hunting Regulations

  • It is illegal to hunt any animal or bird using computer software or services that enable remote control of a rifle or weapon.
  • Outside of hunting season, dogs may be used for training or recreation, but they cannot hunt bear, deer, elk, antelope, or turkey.
  • Spotlights and headlights cannot be used to hunt or capture animals, with the exception of fish and frogs. A hunter with a fur license and a.22 rimfire rifle or handgun may hunt furbearers with hounds during the lawful open season. Landowners and agricultural lessees with agricultural exemption licenses may prevent nuisance coyotes and feral pigs at night by using headlights or other light enhancement equipment.
  • Landowners or agricultural lessees with a valid agricultural exemption permit may take legal action at any time of day or night to safeguard agricultural products, animals, or commodities from nuisance coyotes or feral pigs. Convictions for hunting within the last three years exclude midnight coyote or wild pig management.
  • It is illegal to hunt or disturb animals from a public highway using artificial light, thermal imaging, or night vision.
  • Pursuinng on motorized vehicle is prohibited unless you have a non-ambulatory or motor vehicle permit. With the consent of the landowner, motorized vehicles may trail hunting dogs on public highways and rivers.
  • Pursuing on “no trespassing,” inhabited, agricultural, ranching, or forestry land need permission from the landowner.
  • Anyone may carry a weapon on state-owned or operated property for any legal cause, including hunting, fishing, scouting, and tracking, unless prohibited by municipal, county, or state legislation. Federal land may be subject to stricter regulations.
  • A written statement detailing the taker’s name, address, customer ID number, date taken, and quantity and types of wildlife taken must accompany every game bird, animal, or other wildlife taken by another person.
  • Every migrating bird, endangered, and threatened species is protected by federal and state legislation. Animals, birds, fish, insects, and plants in Oklahoma are endangered or threatened.
  • It is unlawful to sell or trade protected fish or animals, including bird nests and eggs.
  • Firearms are not permitted to be discharged on public roads, highways, or railroad rights-of-way.
  • Only ducks and cranes are permitted to use shotguns loaded with pellets bigger than #4 buckshot.
  • Suppressors (mufflers): On both private and public territory, hunters may use suppressors to hunt game and nongame birds.
  • Pursuing, capturing, shooting, injuring, or attempting to kill any antelope, moose, whitetail or mule deer, bear, elk, mountain lion, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, wild turkey, or any subspecies thereof, using any trap, net, snare, cage, pitfall, baited hook, or similar device, drug, poison, narcotic, explosive, or similar substance, swivel, or pun
  • Loaded firearms are not permitted to be carried in motor vehicles. Crossbows and bows. Driving with a bow drawn is dangerous. The powder charge and bullet may be transported with the muzzleloader uncapped or the battery unplugged. A cocked or unassembled crossbow cannot be transported in a motor vehicle.
  • It is prohibited to hunt or trap wild animals using natural or man-made fire or smoke.
  • It is forbidden to dispose of the corpse after removing the skull, claws, fangs, skin, antlers, horns, or other elements of a protected species. It is also prohibited to kill a protected species and then leave the body. Any deceased animal must be buried properly to avoid erosion or overflow, and it cannot be dumped in a well, spring, pond, or stream, or left within 1/4 mile of any inhabited residence or public road. Illegally disposing of animals raises fines and penalties.

Oklahoma Hunting Licenses

Securing a license is a key requirement for the lawful pursuit of specific animal species. To meet this requirement, the state offers various license options, catering to residents and nonresidents with choices like yearly, 5-day, and lifetime permits. Specialized permits are available for specific species like deer, elk, and turkey. Prior to embarking on a wildlife expedition, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the licensing prerequisites for your target species and acquire the appropriate license.


Type of License (Resident)Valid ForPrice
Annual1 Year$32
Youth Hunting (16-17 yrs)$7
Youth Combination$19
DisabilityThese licenses have a five (5) year expiration from the date of purchase.$10
Archery1 Year$20
Muzzleloader (antlered)$20
Muzzleloader (antlerless)$20
Gun (antlered)$20
Gun (antlerless)$20
Holiday Antlerless Gun$20
Youth (Under 18 yrs):
Archery1 Year$10
Muzzleloader (antlered)$10
Muzzleloader (antlerless)$10
Gun (antlered)$10
Gun (antlerless)$10
Holiday Antlerless Gun$10
Turkey (spring or fall)$10
Fur License (Bobcat - Raccoon - River Otter - Gray/Red Fox)$10
TrappingExpires annually Feb. 28$10
Oklahoma Waterfowl (waterfowl stamp)These licenses and permits have a one-year validity period beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30.$10
Federal Duck Stamp$25
Federal Harvest Information Program (HIP Permit)$3
Federal Sandhill Crane Permit$3
5-YearThese licenses have a five (5) year expiration from the date of purchase.$88
5-Year Combination$148
Lifetime $625
Lifetime Combination$775
Senior CitizenThose who are 65 or older, or who will become 65 sometime this year, are eligible to buy.$15
Senior Citizen Combination$25
Disabled Veteran Combination (under 60 percent disability)Lifetime$200
Disabled Veteran Combination (60 percent or more disability)$25
Annual Wildlife Conservation PassportAnnual$26
3-Day Wildlife Conservation Passport3-Day$15
3-Day Special Use Land Access Permit$10
5-Day Rattlesnake Permit5-Day$5
Land Access Permit (Honobia Creek WMA & Three Rivers WMA)N/A$40
Arrow Rifle PermitN/A$20


Type of License (Nonresident)Valid ForCost
Annualnot valid for antelope, bear, deer or elk$176
5-Daynot valid for antelope, bear, deer, elk, turkey or quail$75
Archeryvalid from Oct. 1 - Jan. 15$300
Gunvalid for Deer Gun and Holiday Antlerless Deer Gun seasons$300
Archery Either Sexvalid from Oct. 1 - Jan. 15$100
Archery Antlerless$31
Muzzleloader Either Sex$100
Muzzleloader Antlerless$31
Gun Either Sex$100
Gun Antlerless$31
Turkey (spring or fall)$10
Fur License (Bobcat - Raccoon - River Otter - Gray/Red Fox)$51
Trappingexpires annually Feb. 28$345
Oklahoma Waterfowl (waterfowl stamp)These licenses and permits have a one-year validity period beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30.$10
Federal Duck Stamp$25
Federal Harvest Information Program (HIP Permit)$3
Federal Sandhill Crane Permit$3
Land Access PermitHonobia Creek WMA & Three Rivers WMA$85
Annual Wildlife Conservation Passport$26
3-Day Wildlife Conservation Passport$15
5-Day Rattlesnake Permit$5

Note: “With a $3 handling charge, all hunting and fishing licenses may now be simply acquired online. Please take notice that from November 1, 2022, fiscal year licenses won’t be offered, and all annual licenses will have a 365-day expiration date. As of November 1, 2022, the prices stated below have been adjusted. For the most up-to-date price details if you want to acquire a license prior to this time, please visit the Go Outdoors Oklahoma app or website www.gooutdoorsoklahoma.com.”


Can you go hunting in Oklahoma off-season on your property?

The majority of the land in Oklahoma is owned privately. On their private property, hunters can often take game animals at will. They can also ask a landowner for permission to hunt on private property.

Can I go hunting in Oklahoma without a license on my property?

The hunting license is not required for resident landowners or tenants who hunt exclusively on their own or their agriculturally leased property (excluding leases).

Can it be possible to recover a deer on someone else's land in Oklahoma?

You are required by law to make an effort to rescue an injured deer that wanders into someone else’s property. The landowner does not need to permit you to do this. However, when attempting to rescue the deer, you are not permitted to bring weapons into the land.

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