Mississippi Turkey Season 2023: Bag Your Gobbler with The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Guide!

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Mississippi is a well-liked travel location for turkey shooting enthusiasts from across the nation due to its varied environments and wealth of animals. As shooters head out into the fields and woods in quest of the elusive wild turkey, the 2023 spring turkey season looks like another thrilling time for them. Mississippi provides a variety of chances to experience the excitement of the chase and the natural grandeur of this wonderful state, whether you are an experienced hunter or a beginner.

Mississippi Turkey Season 2023

Mississippi turkey hunters under 15 can hunt in private and approved state and federal areas for one week. The spring turkey hunting season runs from mid-March to May, allowing one adult gobbler with a 6-inch or longer beard per day and three per season. Youth hunters can take one gobbler of any age daily and three in spring. Hunting times and chances in public areas vary, so check state and federal rules.

Spring Turkey Hunting Dates

Turkey Season TypesHunting Start DateHunting End Date
Spring Youth Portion1-Apr-232-Apr-23
Regular Spring Turkey Season17-Apr-237-May-23

Fall Turkey Hunting Dates

Turkey Season TypesHunting Start DateHunting End Date
Fall Firearms Turkey SeasonOctober 15, 2023November 15, 2023

Archery Turkey Hunting Dates

Turkey Hunting TypesHunting Start DateHunting End Date
Archery Turkey Hunting15-Sep-2310-Nov-23
Archery Turkey Hunting22-Nov-2315-Jan-24

Nonresident Turkey Hunting Dates

Turkey Hunting TypesHunting Start DateHunting End Date
Nonresident turkey hunting 15-Mar-2328-Mar-23

Reporting a Harvest

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Game Check system must record all spring turkey harvests in Mississippi. Before moving the turkey, this must be done by 10 p.m. Farmers must bring a recent harvest reporting record, such as the MDWFP smartphone app, a hard file, or a record they supplied. The MDWFP app, mdwfp.com/gamecheck, or 1-800-BE-SMART can submit harvests (1-800-237-6278). The app stores and uploads info when wireless service is available.

Mississippi Turkey License & Permits

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks states that nonresident shooters chosen to hunt in a Wildlife Management Area in Mississippi during a particular period must have a Public Land Permit (MDWFP).

Nonresident shooters can buy a 3-day all-game license for $125–150, which allows them to use bow and primitive weapons, or a 7-day all-game license for $125–150, which excludes the use of archery and primitive weapons.

To go turkey hunting on public lands, nonresident hunters must pay $50 for a spring turkey permit and receive a nonresident public lands turkey endorsement for free. It’s essential to remember that distinct licenses for spring and autumn turkey shooting must be bought.

Turkey Hunting Regulations

  • White-tailed Deer Control Zones explain deer hunting laws. Except during spring turkey season, raccoons, foxes, opossums, beavers, nutrias, coyotes, and bobcats can be chased at night with or without a lamp and dogs. MDWFP permits can be acquired online at mdwfp.com for spring bird season raccoon hunting with dogs.
  • Landowners, leaseholders, and their agents can remove unwanted animals year-round. Beavers, coyotes, nutrias, foxes, skunks, and wild pigs are pest species, so licensed hunters can take them year-round, subject to rules.
  • Only pistols and rifles can be used to hunt between dusk and dawn.
  • 22 standard rimfire rounds (not.22 magnums) and shotguns with No. 6 shots are permitted. Shotguns must be “sealed” for migrating bird hunting. Spring bird season allows No. 2 firearms and compound, recurve, or longbows. Fall bird season allows all bows and firearms with a No. 2 shot. Quadriplegics can gun-hunt spring turkeys.
  • Except for the meat, wild turkeys cannot be sold.
  • Drawing-selected nonresident hunters don’t need a Public Land Permit. Without this sanction, they can only fish the chosen WMA and period.

Note: For Complete regulations you may read on the MDWFP Website

FAQ related to Mississippi turkey season

What are the bag limits for the Mississippi turkey season 2023?

Hunters can take one adult gobbler per day and three per season in Mississippi.

Do nonresident hunters need a Public Land Endorsement to hunt during the Mississippi turkey season?

Nonresident hunters need a Public Land Permit and hunting licenses if they want to hunt in public areas. The support is free but limited by a mid-February lottery. Nonresident hunters without a Public Land Permit cannot hunt in public areas during this time.

Is there a fall turkey season in Mississippi?

Mississippi has a fall turkey season between October and November, but it is only permitted on private lands. Landowners or leaseholders must apply for fall turkey hunting tags from the MDWFP Jackson Center.

Do nonresident hunters in Wildlife Management Areas need a Public Land Endorsement in Mississippi?

Mississippi does not require Public Land Endorsements for nonresident hunters chosen to hunt in a Wildlife Management Area during a defined period. They still need hunting licenses and permits for the game.

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