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2024 Mississippi Hunting: New Seasons Dates, Bags & More!

To help you easily understand the hunting seasons in Mississippi, this guide includes information on the dates of each games, bag limits, the necessary licenses, and helpful links. Whether you’re interested in deer, alligators, or other species, this guide is your go-to source for a productive and fun outdoor experience.

Mississippi Hunting Season


Velvet Buck







Bobwhite Quail23-Nov - 2-MarLimit of 8 bags maximum per day

Migratory Birds







Youth, Veteran, and Active Military Waterfowl Days









MS Hunting License


TypeCostValidityProcessing FeeAgent Fees
Sportsman$45.001 Year$1.29$1.00
All Game/Freshwater Fishing$25.00
Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow Permit*$10.00
Velvet Season Permit$10.00
Fall Turkey Permit$5.00
Wildlife Management Area User Permit$15.00
Small Game/Freshwater Fishing$10.00
Apprentice Sportsman$32.00
Apprentice All Game$17.00
Apprentice Small Game$13.00
North Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge Permit**$15.00
3-Day Sportsman Apprentice$7.00
3-Day Freshwater Fishing$3.00
Saltwater Fishing$10.00
Freshwater Commercial Fishing$30.00
Slat Basket$30.00
State Waterfowl Stamp Electronic Privilege$10.00
Federal Duck Stamp - Electronic $27.00
Youth Exempt$2.30$1.70
Senior Exempt Lifetime $2.30
Senior Lifetime Saltwater$5.00$1.29
Disabled Exempt$2.30$1.70
Duplicate Hunting & Fishing$5.00$1.29
Lifetime (birth through 12)$500.00
Non-Resident Native Lifetime$1,500.00

Jackson Office is the only place to submit an application for lifetime hunting license. You may call at (601-432-2055).


TypeCostValidityProcessing FeeAgent Fees
All Game$300.001 Year$4.25$3.00
7-Day All Game$150.00
3-Day All Game - Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow$150.00$3.00
Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow $75.00$3.00
Wildlife Management Area User Permit$30.00$1.00
Deer Permit$50.00
Spring Turkey Permit$50.00
Fall Turkey Permit$20.00
Small Game$95.00$3.00
7-Day Small Game$38.00
Shooting Preserve$13.00$1.00
Non-Resident State Waterfowl Stamp$19.00
Freshwater Fishing$60.00$3.00
1-Day Freshwater Fishing$8.00$1.00
3-Day Freshwater Fishing$15.00$2.00
Saltwater Fishing$30.00$3.00
3-Day Saltwater Fishing$15.00$2.00
Freshwater Commercial Fishing$200.00$3.00
Armed Forces 14-Day (Includes Spring or Fall Turkey Permit, Freshwater Fishing, Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow permit. Does not include WMA User Permit, Velvet Season Permit, State Waterfowl Stamp or Saltwater Fishing. Applications are available at Jackson office and online at$33.00$1.00
Federal Duck Stamp - Electronic$27.00$1.29
North Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge Permit$15.00
Slat Basket$30.00
Duplicate Hunting & Fishing License$5.00

Mississippi Hunting Regulations

  • Obtaining a hunting license with false information includes a $2,000 fine and a one-year prison term.
  • Resident game may be shot a half-hour before dawn and a half-hour after dusk, while migratory birds can be shot the same way.
  • Nuisance animals may be taken year-round on own or leased land.
  • Only pistols or rifles firing.22 standard rimfire (no.22 magnums) and No. 6 shotguns are authorized for nocturnal timing.
  • A shotgun may only hold three rounds for migratory birds when “plugged.”
  • Shotguns loaded with No. 2 ammunition are permitted for fall turkey.
  • Live decoys or bait are not allowed while hunting animals or birds, but liquid odors are.
  • Electrically driven calling or sound-reproducing devices may be used for crow and bothersome animal.
  • Dogs are only allowed for spring turkeys under specified conditions.
  • Deer cannot be taken with bows, traditional weapons, or stills.
  • MDWFP must receive dog field trial applications five days before the event.
  • A weapon is “unloaded” when no cartridge or shell is in the barrel, magazine, clip, or retainer.
  • Cap-lock muzzle-loading firearms need their caps removed.
  • In flintlock muzzle-loading guns, empty the flashpan.
  • Pursuing on a roadway, highway, railroad, or right-of-way is illegal.
  • An MDWFP inspector may issue Animal Control Permits to control crop-damaging deer.
  • Illegal to shoot deer at night with a light or other illumination; offenders risk a $2,000 fine and a one- to three-year suspension of hunting, trapping, and fishing privileges.
  • The authorities may confiscate equipment used to shoot deer at night using a light.
  • It’s illegal to flash lights on a public road while carrying a weapon, although emergency vehicles and regular drivers are exempt.
  • Game animals, birds, and fish that were lawfully taken may be kept at any time.
  • Dead animals, wildlife parts, or trash cannot be dumped on public or private property without permission.
  • No game animal, bird, or fish may be bought, sold, or traded for goods or other considerations, save for lawfully captured deer skins and sinews, objects manufactured from deer bone or antlers that are not velvet, wild turkey parts other than the flesh, and nuisance animal parts.
  • All birds of prey, native non-game birds, and endangered species are protected and may not be killed, harassed, bought, or sold.
  • You need a federal and state waterfowl stamp to shoot ducks and geese.
  • To hunt migratory birds, individuals must be H.I.P. certified (dove, rail, gallinule, coot, woodcock, snipe, crows, and waterfowl).
  • Public waterways are specified by Mississippi law and may be utilized for free transit, fishing, and water sports, but motorized vehicle travel on streambeds or hunting, or traversing neighboring property when they are under floods are prohibited.


What are the hunting season dates for deer in Mississippi in 2023?

The Archery is from September 16, 2023, through February 15, 2024. On October 15-16, 2023, the Youth Gun lets kids shoot deer. The Gun Season is from November 5-18, 2023. Finally, traditional muzzleloader hunters may enjoy the Muzzleloader period from December 16, 2023, to January 18, 2024.

How much does a Mississippi lifetime hunting license cost?

It charges $1,000 for a lifetime hunting license for those aged 13 and above.

What kinds of animals can be hunted in Mississippi?

It is possible to take a variety of animals including deer, hogs, turkeys, coyotes, quail, ducks, geese, doves, and rabbits.

What are the hunting season dates for alligators in Mississippi in 2023-2024?

You may hunt alligators in public waters from August 25 to September 4, 2023. The Private Lands Season runs from August 25 to September 18, 2023.

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5 thoughts on “2024 Mississippi Hunting: New Seasons Dates, Bags & More!”

  1. Need to stop the deer hunting “gun with dogs” season.
    The dog runners are hunting every one’s land without regard for who owns it. The old excuse that the dogs can’t read is BS! and with the tracking collars they use now there is no excuse for them not to catch their dogs before they trespass. I’m in Prentiss County and own about 85 acres. I’ve planted and managed the deer on my property that get run off every year while we are out or at work or even in the stand.
    There are a lot of people (Landowners) that are up in arms about this, and it needs to stop.!!

    • Yea and I know the feeling because we own around 300 acres in clay county and they do the same thing. What they gonna do when their dog gets caught in a foot trap? They gonna trespass then to come get their dog then call the game warden on you and then have to pay vet bills and ain’t nothing you can do to them. Not even for trespassing! We as people of the community just trying to protect what’s ours and make a living don’t have any rights in this country anymore! And that’s about to change because I am sick and tired of worrying about something that I shouldn’t have to!

  2. I fully agree but listen theres a new way now it’s been finally done in north ms. I’ve spoken personally with my congressman about this. You have to go thru a process of gathering proof involves recording you told the road hunters you dont want dogs nor people on your property. Catch dogs put your home in background take pictures with you dogs and a gov official then sue them. Things change this year folks. No more dredding deer season on my own land.


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