Oregon Hunting Seasons 2023-2024 New Dates & Regulation

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Oregon hunting season 2023-2024 offers elk, deer, bear, and more. Oregon has several hunting zones, each with its own laws and restrictions. In this page you will find a complete guide for your hunting adventure at Oregon. We will cover the following topics:

  • The dates of the season.
  • The types of game that can be hunted.
  • Hunting Licenses fees and regulations that apply to hunters.

Oregon Hunting Season

This season, hunters will be able to take game including deer, elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, cougar, bear, and turkey. Some areas will also allow for the hunting of waterfowl and upland game birds.

Deer Season

Deer SeasonStart DateEnd DateDeer Type
Archery Controlled 100 Series Hunts1-Aug-2316-Nov-23Buck
Any Legal Weapon Controlled 600 Series Hunts1-Sep-2329-Feb-24Antlerless
Any Legal Weapon Controlled 100 Series Hunts16-Sep-235-Jan-24Buck
Muzzleloader Controlled 100 Series Hunts6-Nov-2317-Dec-23Buck
Western General7-Oct-2310-Nov-23Buck
Western Archery2-Sep-231-Oct-23Buck
Western Archery18-Nov-2310-Dec-23Buck
Western Archery25-Nov-2317-Dec-23Buck
Oregon deer season
Oregon deer season

Antelope Season

Antelope SeasonStart DateEnd Date
Archery Controlled 400 Series Hunts10-Aug-231-Oct-23
Any Legal Weapon Controlled 400 Series Hunts19-Aug-2329-Oct-23
Muzzleloader Controlled 400 Series Hunts30-Aug-2317-Sep-23

Elk Season

Elk SeasonHunting DatesNote
West CascadeNov. 11-17General West Cascade Tag
Rocky MountainNov. 11 - Nov. 19General Eastern Oregon Rocky Mountain Second Season Tag
Coast Bull ElkNov. 18 - Nov. 21General Western Oregon Coast First Season Tag
Coast Bull ElkNov. 25 - Dec. 1General Western Oregon Coast Second Season Tag
Western/easternSept. 2 - Oct. 1General Archery Season Tag

Bighorn Sheep Season

Bighorn Sheep SeasonStart DateEnd Date
California – Any legal weapon controlled15-Aug26-Nov
Rocky Mtn – Any Legal Weapon Controlled15-Aug31-Oct

Mountain Goat Season

Mountain Goat SeasonStart DateEnd Date
Any legal weapon controlled hunts1-Aug-2331-Oct-23

Mountain Lion Season

Mountain Lion SeasonStart DateEnd Date
General Statewide1-Jan-2331-Dec-23

Bear Season

SeasonHunting DatesNote
Black BearAug. 1 - Dec. 31General Season Fall Tag
Black BearAug. 1 - Dec. 31Additional General Season Fall Tag

Cougar Season

SeasonHunting DatesNote
CougarJan. 1 - Dec. 31General Season Tag
CougarJan. 1 - Dec. 31Additional General Season Tag

Squirrel Season

Squirrel SeasonHunting DatesNote
Western Gray SquirrelSept. 1 - Nov. 15All units west of the eastern boundary of the Santiam, McKenzie, Indigo, Sprague and Interstate units
Western Gray SquirrelSept. 15 - Oct. 31White River, Hood, Paulina, Metolius and Upper Deschutes units

Grouse Season

SeasonHunting DatesBag Limit
Ruffed and blue grouseSept. 1 - Jan. 31, 20243 of each species
Controlled Sage-grouse SeasonSept. 9 - 172

Chukar Season

SeasonHunting DatesBag Limit
Chukar and Hungarian (gray) partridgeOct. 14 - Jan. 31, 20248

Pheasant Season

SeasonHunting DatesBag Limit
Rooster pheasantOct. 14 - Dec. 31, 20232
Western Oregon Fee Pheasant Hunts (Denman Wildlife Area)Sept. 18 - Oct. 6
Western Oregon Fee Pheasant Hunts (E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area)Sept. 25 - Oct. 31
Western Oregon Fee Pheasant Hunts (Fern Ridge Wildlife Area)Sept. 11 - Oct. 8
Western Oregon Fee Pheasant Hunts (Sauvie Island Wildlife Area)Sept. 18 - Oct. 1

Quail Season

SeasonHunting DatesBag Limit
Quail (California and mountain)*Sept. 1 - Jan. 31, 202410
Quail (Eastern Oregon)Oct. 14 - Jan. 31, 202410 (max 2 mtn Quail)

Turkey Season

Turkey SeasonHunting DatesBag Limit
2023 fall turkey (General)Oct. 14 - Nov. 301
Dec. 1- Jan. 31, 20241
2023 fall turkey (Private Lands)Sept. 1 - Nov. 301
Dec. 1- Jan. 31, 20241
2023 fall turkey (Western Oregon)Sept. 1 - Jan. 31, 20242
2024 General Spring Turkey SeasonApr. 15 - May 31, 2024One male turkey or a turkey with a visible beard
2024 Spring Youth Turkey HuntApr. 13-14, 2024One male turkey or one turkey with a visible beard

OR Migratory Bird Season

Dove Season

Dove SeasonHunting DatesBag Limit
Mourning dove (Zone 1)Sept. 1 - Sept. 3015
Nov. 15 - Dec. 14
Mourning dove (Zone 2)Sept. 1 - Oct. 3015
Band-tailed pigeon (Statewide)Sept. 15 - Sept. 232

Duck Season

Duck SeasonHunting DatesZones
Duck (including merganser)Oct. 14 - Oct. 29 & Nov. 2 - Jan. 28, 2024Zone 1
Duck (Scaup)Nov. 4 - Jan. 28, 2024Zone 1
Duck (including merganser)Oct. 14 - Dec. 3 & Dec. 7 - Jan. 28, 2024Zone 2
Duck (Scaup)Oct. 14 - Dec. 3 & Dec. 7 - Jan. 10, 2024Zone 2

Coots Season

Coot SeasonHunting Dates
Zone 1Oct. 14 - Oct. 29
Nov. 2 - Jan. 28, 2024
Zone 1Nov. 4 - Jan. 28, 2024
Zone 2Oct. 14 - Dec. 3
Dec. 7 - Jan. 28, 2024
Zone 2Oct. 14 - Dec. 3
Dec. 7 - Jan. 10, 2024

Snipe Season

SeasonHunting DatesBag LimitLocation
Wilson's snipeNov. 4 - Feb. 18, 20248Zone 1
Wilson's snipeOct. 14 - Jan. 28, 20248Zone 2

Crow Season

SeasonHunting DatesBag LimitLocation
CrowOct. 1 - Jan. 31, 2024No LimitStatewide

Branta Season

SeasonHunting DatesBag LimitLocation
BrantaNov. 25 - Dec. 102Statewide

Goose Season

Goose SeasonHunting DatesBag LimitPossession Limit
September Canada goose season
Northwest Permit ZoneSept. 9 - Sept. 175 Canada geese15 geese
Southwest ZoneSept. 9 - Sept. 135 Canada geese15 geese
All Eastern Oregon CosSept. 9 - Sept. 135 Canada geese15 geese
Regular goose seasons
Canada geese
Northwest Permit ZonecOct. 21 - Oct. 29310
Nov. 18 - Jan. 12, 2024310
Feb. 10 - Mar. 10, 2024310
Southwest ZoneOct. 14 - Oct. 29410
Nov. 7 - Jan. 28, 2024410
South Coast ZoneOct. 7 - Dec. 10610
Dec. 23 - Jan. 14, 2024610
Feb. 24 - Mar. 10, 2024610
High Desert and Blue Mountains Zone Canada GooseOct. 14 - Dec. 34-
Dec. 12 - Jan. 28, 2024
Mid-Columbia Zone Canada GooseOct. 14 - Oct. 294-
Nov. 7 - Jan. 28, 2024
White-fronted geese
Northwest Permit ZonecOct. 21 - Oct. 29930
Nov. 18 - Jan. 12, 2024930
Feb. 10 - Mar. 10, 2024930
Southwest ZoneOct. 14 - Oct. 291230
Nov. 7 - Jan. 28, 20241230
High Desert and Blue Mountains Zone White and White-fronted GooseOct. 14 - Dec. 3-30
Jan. 17 - Mar. 10, 2024
Mid-Columbia Zone White and White-fronted GooseNov. 7 - Jan. 28, 2024-30
Feb. 3 - Feb. 24, 2024-30
Goose Bag Limit Details
Bag Limits
September Canada goose seasonDaily bag limit
Northwest Permit Zone5 Canada geese
Southwest Zone5 Canada geese
All Eastern Oregon Cos5 Canada geese
Regular Goose SeasonCanada geeseWhite-fronted geeseWhite geese
Northwest Permit Zone3d1020
Southwest Zone41020
South Coast Zone61020
High Desert and Blue Mountains Zone Canada Goose4
High Desert and Blue Mountains Zone White and White-fronted Goose10f20
Possession Limit
Mid-Columbia Zone Canada Goose4
Mid-Columbia Zone White and White-fronted Goose1020
Regular Goose SeasonCanada geeseWhite-fronted geeseWhite geese
Northwest Permit Zone9d3060
Southwest Zone123060
South Coast Zone183060
High Desert and Blue Mountains Zone Canada Goose12
High Desert and Blue Mountains Zone White and White-fronted Goose30f60
Mid-Columbia Zone Canada Goose12
Mid-Columbia Zone White and White-fronted Goose3060
September Canada goose seasonPossession limit
Northwest Permit Zone15 geese
Southwest Zone15 geese
All Eastern Oregon Cos15 geese

OR Furbearer Season

Bobcat Season

SeasonSeason DatesBag Limits
Bobcat Western OregonDecember 1- February 28No bag limit
Bobcat Eastern OregonDecember 1- February 285

Fox Season

SeasonSeason Dates
Gray Fox and Red FoxOctober 15-February 28

Marten Season

SeasonSeason DatesBag Limit
Marten SeasonNovember 1-January 315

Muskrat Season

SeasonSeason Dates
Muskrat SeasonNovember 1-March 31

Mink Season

SeasonSeason Dates
MinkNovember 1-March 31

Otter Season

SeasonSeason Dates
River OtterNovember 15-March 15
Sea OtterClosed season
entire year

Fisher, Ringtail, Wolverine, Kit Fox, Canada lynx Season

SeasonSeason Dates
FisherClosed season
entire year
RingtailClosed season
entire year
WolverineClosed season
entire year
Kit FoxClosed season
entire year
Canada lynx SeasonClosed season
entire year

Beaver Season

SeasonSeason Dates
BeaverNovember 15-March 15

Badger Season

SeasonSeason Dates
BadgerJanuary 1- December 31

Coyote Season

SeasonSeason Dates
CoyoteJanuary 1- December 31

Nutria Season

SeasonSeason Dates
NutriaJanuary 1- December 31

Opossum Season

SeasonSeason Dates
OpossumJanuary 1- December 31

Porcupine Season

SeasonSeason Dates
PorcupineJanuary 1- December 31

Spotted skunk

SeasonSeason Dates
Spotted skunkJanuary 1- December 31
Striped skunkJanuary 1- December 31

Weasel Season

SeasonSeason Dates
Spotted skunkJanuary 1- December 31
Striped skunkJanuary 1- December 31

Pursuit Season

SeasonSeason Start DatesSeason End Dates
Bobcat Pursuit Season1-Sep28-Feb
Fox Pursuit Season1-Sep28-Feb
Raccoon Pursuit Season1-Sep15-Mar

Harvest Season

SpeciesOpen seasons
BobcatDecember 1-February 28
December 1-February 28
Gray fox and red foxOctober 15-February 28
MartenNovember 1-January 31
Muskrat and minkNovember 15-March 31
RaccoonNovember 15-March 15
River otterNovember 15-March 15
Fisher, ringtail, wolverine, kit fox, Canada lynx and sea otterClosed season entire year.
Badger, coyote, nutria, opossum, porcupine, spotted skunk, striped skunk and weaselOpen season entire year.
BeaverNovember 15-March 15

Trapping Season

Obtaining a furtaker’s license is mandatory in Oregon if you want to catch animals for their fur.

It is legal to capture bobcats, gray foxes, red foxes, martens, muskrats, minks, raccoons, river otters, badgers, coyotes, nutrias, opossums, porcupines, spotted skunks, striped skunks, weasels, and beavers in Oregon.

There is a ban on hunting fishers, ringtails, wolverines, kit foxes, Canada lynxes, and sea otters because of their valuable fur.

Pricing of Licenses for Hunting

Hunting in Oregon is legal only for those who have a valid hunting license.

Birds, small game, and other vulnerable species do not need a license, although hunters under the age of 11 must.

License CategoryFees For Non-residentFees For Resident
​(Hunting)​USD 172.00USD 34.50
​(Black Bear)​USD 16.50​USD 16.50
​(Cougar)​USD 16.50​USD 16.50
​(Deer)​USD 443.50​USD 28.50
​(Elk)​USD 588.00​USD 49.50
​(Bighorn Sheep)​USD 1,513.50​USD 142.00
​(Pronghorn Antelope)​USD 395.50​USD 51.50
​Youth Hunting (between 12-17 years old)​USD 10.00​USD 10.00
​(Sr. Hunting)​Not Applicable​USD 22.00

Please be aware that the targeted species may need an extra tag price.

Hunting Regulations

Vehicles, Aircraft, ATVS, Boats, Drones: In Oregon, hunting activities that use vehicles, aircraft, ATVs, boats, or drones in a harmful way to animals are illegal. Hunting, trapping, or fishing from a motorized vehicle, using drones for these activities, or operating a motorized vehicle in violation of regulations is prohibited. Firearms and bows must be unloaded while riding a snowmobile or ATV, except for authorized individuals. Shining a bright light on game mammals, predatory animals, or cattle while armed and from a moving vehicle or within 500 feet of a moving vehicle is also illegal. Shooting game animals from a moving speedboat or sailboat is prohibited.

Ban of Parts: Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in Oregon must follow laws regarding the import and ownership of parts of deer, elk, moose, and caribou (cervids). Only certain parts, such as boned meat without spinal column or head, hides, antlers, and taxidermy heads, are allowed to be imported and owned. If these regulations are not followed, the offending parts may be confiscated and the person may face charges for disposal.

(CWD) Chronic Wasting Disease: Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy that can affect deer, elk, and moose. Although Oregon is not yet affected, the disease is a concern. The disease can spread through nose-to-nose contact, saliva, urine, and feces, so hunters should handle infected animals with care by wearing gloves, avoiding flesh and brain/spinal cord material, and avoiding disease-positive meat. Online resources can help hunters identify and avoid areas prone to CWD. Taking these steps will help preserve wildlife and hunting in Oregon.

Illegal Activities: Illegal behavior in wildlife hunting and related activities include: submitting seized animals without proper permits or tags, refusing inspection of hunting gear, hunting illegally, interfering with licensed traps or snares, tampering with ODFW-approved signs, lying to the Department or Commission, and receiving or possessing wildlife through illegal means and profiting from it.

Disguising Sex, Waste, Sale: It is illegal to disguise the species of wildlife, possess the meat or carcass of deer, elk, antelope, sheep, or goat without evidence of sex, waste any game mammals or edible portions, and sell or exchange any game mammal or parts unless specified by Oregon Administrative Rule 635, Division 200. Proof of sex for deer, elk, antelope, sheep, and goat must be either the head or antlers/horns (Option 1) or reproductive organ attached to meat (Option 2). Hunters must retrieve all crippled or killed wildlife immediately and cannot waste game mammals.

Tagging: Tagging of game mammals in Oregon is done either through paper tags or electronic tags. Hunters must choose one of these options when purchasing tags. For paper tags, the tag must be signed, validated immediately after harvest by writing the date, time and location of harvest, and securely attached to the game mammal in plain sight. Electronic tags must be validated through the MyODFW mobile app, and the tag owner’s information, harvest date, and confirmation number must be written in ink and attached to the game mammal. Both types of tags must be kept legible and maintained with the carcass or parts at all times. Unsigned or resized tags are unlawful.

Transportation & Possession: Transferring game mammals in Oregon requires a written record documenting the animal’s description, the original hunter’s identity, tag information, and harvest time. Game mammals must be tagged by the ODFW or Oregon State Police after 48 hours post the hunting season. Possession and transportation of game mammals without a valid tag, or parts of a game animal that was illegally killed or obtained humanely, is prohibited. The sale, lending, or borrowing of big game tags is illegal, and possessing the horns of bighorn sheep or Rocky Mountain goat that were not taken legally is not allowed. Transportation of a game animal that was found dead or killed humanely requires approval from the ODFW or Oregon State Police.

Illegal Methods: In Oregon, it is illegal to hunt with dogs (excluding western gray squirrels), use night vision or electronic sights, artificial lights (excluding raccoon, bobcat, and opossum), traps or snares, or hunt for someone else. Additionally, the use of commercial cervid attractants derived from cervid urine is prohibited, and hunting from or across public roads, road right-of-way, or railway right-of-way is not allowed, except on roads closed to motor vehicle use. Finally, the use of any poison, immobilizing, or tranquilizing drugs or chemicals to hunt or kill game mammals is illegal.

Trespassing: Hunting without the landowner’s consent is unlawful. Recovering and preserving game does not justify trespassing.

Hunting Restriction: Hunting with a centerfire rifle during deer and elk season requires a valid deer, elk, antelope, sheep, or goat tag for the area and dates being hunted. Hunting in closed wildlife refuges, city or town limits, public parks, cemeteries, or school/college/university grounds is illegal. Party hunting is also prohibited, and each hunter must have their own unused tag.

FAQs related to Oregon hunting season

What firearms are allowed during the deer and elk hunting season in Oregon?

During the deer and elk hunting season in Oregon, only centerfire rifles are allowed in the Wildlife Management Units listed in the Centerfire Rifle Restrictions table. You must also have an unused or valid deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, or Rocky Mountain goat tag for the dates and area being hunted.

Is it legal to hunt on private property without permission from the landowner in Oregon?

Yes, it is illegal to hunt on private property without permission from the landowner in Oregon according to ORS 105.700 and 498.120.

Are electronic sights and devices allowed during hunting in Oregon?

No, the use of night vision or other electronic sights and devices is not allowed during hunting in Oregon, except for trail cameras. Additionally, the use of artificial lights for hunting is only permitted for raccoon, bobcat, and opossum and must not be attached to or cast from a motor vehicle.

Is party hunting allowed in Oregon?

No, party hunting is illegal in Oregon. Each hunter must have an unused tag to hunt a game mammal that requires one.

Is it legal to use commercial cervid attractants during hunting in Oregon?

Yes, it is illegal to possess or use commercial cervid attractants (defined in the Oregon Hunting and Fishing Regulations book) containing or derived from cervid urine during hunting in Oregon.

Can I hunt on a public road, road right-of-way, or railway right-of-way in Oregon?

No, hunting on a public road, road right-of-way, or railway right-of-way is not allowed in Oregon, except for hunting on roads closed to motor vehicle use.

What are the penalties for violating hunting laws in Oregon?

Penalties for violating hunting laws in Oregon vary based on the nature and severity of the violation. They can range from fines and hunting license suspension to imprisonment. It is important to review the Oregon Hunting and Fishing Regulations book and consult with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife or Oregon State Police for specific penalties.

Dates & Regulation Source: MyODFW eRegulation

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