North Dakota Hunting Seasons

The state has many opportunities throughout the year, allowing all skill levels to indulge in their pastimes. This page will provide you with an overview of the hunting seasons in North Dakota so that you can plan your outing accordingly. Read on to learn about the various game species available, the regulations for each species, and the best times to go outdoor in the state.

North Dakota Hunting Seasons 

General Deer

Archery Deer





Bighorn Sheep









Mountain Lion



River Otter


Tree Squirrel

Upland Birds



Hungarian Partridge

Greater Prairie Chicken


Migratory Game Birds





Ducks & Coots
Tundra Swan
Sandhill Crane

North Dakota Hunting Season

License Requirements

License TypesResident CostNonresident Cost
Fishing, Hunting, Furbearer Certificate$1 $2
General Game and Habitat$20 $20
Combination$52 -
Veteran Combined Hunting$3 -
Fishing$18 $48
Married Couple Fishing$24 $63
Senior Citizen Fishing$5 -
Totally or Permanently Disabled Fishing$5 -
Veteran with a 50 percent service-related disability$5 -
Paddlefish$10 $25.50
Deer Gun (1st lottery)$30 $255
Youth Deer Gun (under age 16)$10 $10
Deer Bow License (age 16 or older)$30 $250
Youth Deer Bow (under age 16)$10 $10
Pronghorn Gun (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Pronghorn Gun (under age 16)$10 $10
Pronghorn Bow (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Pronghorn Bow (under age 16)$10 $10
Moose Gun (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Moose Gun (under age 16)$10 $10
Moose Bow (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Moose Bow (under age 16)$10 $10
Elk Gun (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Elk Gun (under age 16)$10 $10
Elk Bow (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Elk Bow (under age 16)$10 $10
Bighorn Sheep Gun (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Bighorn Sheep Gun (under age 16)$10 $10
Bighorn Sheep Bow (age 16 or older)$30 $30
Youth Bighorn Sheep Bow (under age 16)$10 $10
Nonrefundable Application Fee (moose, elk, and sheep)$5 -
Small Game License (age 16 or older)$10 $100
Early Canada Goose$5 $50
Wild Turkey, spring and fall (1st lottery)$15 $80
Sandhill Crane$10 $30
Swan$10 $30
Furbearer$15 -
Federal Waterfowl Stamp (Duck Stamp)$27 $27
Harvest Information Program (HIP) RegistrationFreeFree
Individual Season Fishing-$48
Married Couple Season Fishing-$63
3 Day Fishing-$28
10 Day Fishing-$38
Paddlefish Tag-$25.50
Deer Gun (1st Lottery)-$255
Deer Bow-$250
Bighorn Sheep-$600
Small Game-$100
Spring Light Goose-$50
Early Canada Goose-$50
Fall Wild Turkey-$80
Sandhill Crane-$30
Furbearer and Nongame-$40
Nonresident Reciprocal Trapping License-$350
Waterfowl License (Statewide)-$153
Waterfowl License (Zone-restricted)-$103

General Regulation

  • Anyone born after Dec. 31, 1961, must complete a state-approved hunter education course to purchase a deer license in North Dakota. Landowners who pursue on their property are exempt.
  • Apprentice validations are accessible to anybody 12 or older without a hunter safety course. Validation has a once-per-year licensing restriction.
  • Apprentice must accompany a licensed, 18-year-old adult while deer hunting in the state.
  • Always keep eye contact and vocal communication with the trainee hunter.
  • An adult must accompany under-12 hunters.
  • Hunter education course has two variations. Anyone over 11 may take a 14-hour class—an at-home hybrid classroom/online course. Only individuals above 12 may pick this option.

When is the ND pheasant opener 2023 date?

The pheasant opener in North Dakota for 2023 is scheduled for October 7th, marking the beginning of the regular pheasant time, which extends until January 1st, 2024. On September 30th, 2023, a separate young pheasant season begins.

When is the North Dakota early goose season 2023?

Early geese is slated to run from August 15 to September 2. A bag limit of two Canada geese is authorized for each hunter during this season. Both residents and non-residents may hunt during the early goose, although only in a few designated units. Hunting is permitted in the following Eastern Zone units: 1-10, 12-13, 15, 17, 19-20, 22-24, and 26-27. For the Western Zone’s units 28–30, 32–35, 37–38, 40–41, and 43–44 are open. Units 45–47 are open to the Missouri River Zone.

When is the North Dakota duck opener 2023?

The duck opener is scheduled for Saturday, September 30. September 30 to December 9, is the regular duck season. Permitted a bag limit of six ducks, with limits on the number of mallards, pintails, and canvasbacks. Before going duck hunting, sportsmen are needed to get a duck stamp.

What animals can you hunt in North Dakota?

Big game species such as deer, pronghorn, moose, elk, big horn sheep, mountain lions, Bobcats, coyote, fox, etc., are accessible to hunters. Residents can also hunt grouse, drove, crane, pheasant, snipe, woodchuck, and squirrel. In this state, geese, ducks, coots, mergansers, and swans is authorized to pursue.

When can I go deer hunting in North Dakota?

Deer season starts in early September and ends in December, it includes youth, archery, firearm, and muzzleloader. Bow hunting is authorized from September to January. Gun season starts the first Friday in November and concludes the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Muzzleloader begins after Thanksgiving and ends on the third Sunday in January. The youth game begins on the third Friday in September and ends the following Sunday.

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