Ohio Hunting Seasons 2023-2024 New Regulations & Dates!

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Ohio Hunting Season 2023-2024 is a highly anticipated time for outdoor enthusiasts in the Buckeye State. It’s essential to get acquainted with Ohio’s hunting laws, given the state’s many chances for shooting white-tailed deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, and migratory birds. Getting the required licenses and permits, observing bag and possession restrictions, and adhering to the guidelines for utilizing weapons, archery equipment, and other hunting instruments. We can ensure a secure and productive hunting season for all participants in Ohio by being aware of and complying with the hunting regulations.

It’s a chance to come back in touch with nature, test our abilities, and make lifelong memories in the great outdoors. This page covers Ohio’s hunting season’s particulars, including the dates, rules, and thrilling chances that await hunters in the forthcoming season. So prepare your equipment, and sharpen your senses for an incredible hunting season across Ohio’s untamed landscapes.

Ohio Hunting Seasons
Ohio Hunting Seasons

Ohio Hunting Seasons

Hunting options in the state include those for deer, wild turkeys, ducks, and other animals. Hunters must be informed of the laws and guidelines established to guarantee a safe and productive hunting experience. For instance, hunters must possess a current Ohio hunting license to hunt for particular species, such as ducks or wild turkeys. Hunters should also be aware of bag limitations, hunting seasons, and prohibitions on specific hunting techniques, such as lures or electronic calling devices. The need for the HIP certification, the Federal Migratory Bird Shooting Stamp (Duck Stamp), and the Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp endorsement for hunting waterfowl should also be known to hunters.

Below here are the lists of schedules for the season

Deer Season

Ohio Deer SeasonMethodSeason Start DateSeason End Date
White-tailed DeerDeer Archery30-Sep-234-Feb-24
White-tailed DeerYouth Deer Gun18-Nov-2319-Nov-23
White-tailed DeerDeer Gun27-Nov-233-Dec-23
White-tailed DeerDeer Gun16-Dec-2317-Dec-23
White-tailed DeerDeer Muzzleloader6-Jan-249-Jan-24
DSA DeerDSA Deer Archery9-Sep-234-Feb-24
DSA DeerDSA Early Deer Gun7-Oct-239-Oct-23
CWDEarly gun7-Oct-239-Oct-23

Ohio Small Games & Furbearers Season

Small Game & Furbearer SeasonSeason Dates
Squirrel1-Sep-23 - 31-Jan-24
Ruffed GrouseTBA
American CrowJune 2, 2023 - March 3, 2024
Cottontail Rabbit3-Nov-23 - 29-Feb-24
Ring-necked Pheasant3-Nov-23 - 14-Jan-24
Chukar Partridge3-Nov-23 - 14-Jan-24
Bobwhite Quail3-Nov-23 - 26-Nov-23
Fox10-Nov-23 - 31-Jan-24
Raccoon10-Nov-23 - 31-Jan-24
Skunk10-Nov-23 - 31-Jan-24
Opossum10-Nov-23 - 31-Jan-24
Weasel10-Nov-23 - 31-Jan-24
Crow2-Jun-23 - 3-Mar-24
CoyoteNo closed season & No Limit
Feral Swine (wild boar)No closed season & No Limit
GroundhogNo closed season & No Limit
Youth Small Game21-Oct-23 - 28-Oct-23
Youth Small Game22-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23

Ohio Waterfowl and Migratory Birds Season

Waterfowl & Migratory SeasonMethodSeason Dates
Early Waterfowl HuntingCanada Geese2-Sep-23 - 10-Sep-23
Early Waterfowl HuntingTeal (Blue-winged, Green-winged, and Cinnamon)2-Sep-23 - 17-Sep-23
Youth Waterfowl HuntingHunters 17 years old or younger30-Sep-23 - 1-Oct-23
Military Waterfowl HuntingActive duty military and veterans30-Sep-23 - 1-Oct-23
Military Waterfowl HuntingActive duty military and veterans14-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23
Lake Erie Marsh ZoneGeese (Canada, White-fronted, Snow, Blue, Ross's), Brant4-Nov-23 - 17-Dec-23
Lake Erie Marsh ZoneWaterfowl31-Dec-23 - 4-Feb-24
Lake Erie Marsh ZoneWaterfowl14-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23
North Zone WaterfowlGeese (Canada, White-fronted, Snow, Blue, Ross's), Brant21-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23
North Zone WaterfowlWaterfowl11-Nov-23 - 5-Feb-24
North Zone WaterfowlWaterfowl21-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23
South Zone WaterfowlGeese (Canada, White-fronted, Snow, Blue, Ross's), Brant21-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23
South Zone WaterfowlWaterfowl18-Nov-23 - 12-Feb-24
South Zone WaterfowlWaterfowl21-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23
South Zone WaterfowlDucks, Coots, and Mergansers9-Dec-23 - 28-Jan-24
Migratory Bird HuntingDove (Mourning and Eurasian collared)1-Sep-23 - 5-Nov-23
Migratory Bird HuntingRail (Virginia, Sora)1-Sep-23 - 9-Nov-23
Migratory Bird HuntingCommon Gallinule1-Sep-23 - 9-Nov-23
Migratory Bird HuntingWilson's Snipe9-Dec-23 - 1-Jan-24
Migratory Bird HuntingAmerican Woodcock13-Oct-23 - 26-Nov-23

Youth Hunting & Veteran Hunt

OH Youth & Military Veteran HuntingSeason Dates
Youth Small Game21-Oct-23 - 28-Oct-23
Youth Small Game22-Oct-23 - 29-Oct-23
Youth Waterfowl SeasonSept 30, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023
Military Waterfowl SeasonSept 30, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023

Controlled Hunt and Trapping Season

Controlled Hunting Species
Season Dates
Turkey1-Mar-24 - 31-Mar-24
Deer1-Jul-23 - 31-Jul-23
Small Game1-Jul-23 - 31-Jul-23
Dove1-Jul-23 - 31-Jul-23
Waterfowl1-Jul-23 - 31-Jul-23
Waterfowl Blind1-Jul-23 - 31-Jul-23
Beaver7-Oct-23 - 7-Oct-23
Otter7-Oct-23 - 7-Oct-23
Furbearer7-Oct-23 - 7-Oct-23

Squirrel Season

Squirrel SeasonSeason Dates
Squirrel Season (red, gray, and fox)Sept 1, 2023 - Jan 31, 2024

Rabbit Season

Ohio Rabbit SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Cottontail Rabbit3-Nov29-FebA bag limit of 4.

Coyote Season

Ohio Coyote SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Coyote1-Jan31-DecThere is no limit and Open all season.

Feral Swine (wild boar) Season

SpeciesHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Feral Swine (wild boar)1-Jan31-DecThere is no limit and Open all season.

Groundhog Season

SpeciesHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Groundhog Season1-Jan31-DecThere is no limit and Open all season.

Grouse Season

Ohio Grouse SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Ruffed Grouse8-Oct1-Jan(Private Land) A bag limit of 1.
Ruffed Grouse8-Oct27-Nov(Public Land) A bag limit of 1.

Hog Season

Ohio Hog SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Wild PigSunday, January 01, 2023Sunday, December 31, 2023There is no limit. Open all season

Ohio Turkey Season 2023

Ohio Turkey SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End Date
Fall Turkey14-Oct12-Nov
Spring Turkey
Youth Season15-Apr16-Apr
South Zone22-Apr21-May
Northeast Zone29-Apr7-May
Northeast Zone8-May28-May

OH Turkey Reporting

Species TrackedReporting SystemContact for Other QuestionsNuisance or Injured Animals
TurkeyReport Online1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543) (Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)Nuisance Wildlife

Dove Season

Ohio Dove SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Dove-Early (Mourning and Eurasian collared)1-Sep-235-Nov-23A bag limit of 15
Dove-Late (Mourning and Eurasian collared)9-Dec-231-Jan-24A bag limit of 15

Duck Season

Ohio Duck SeasonZonesSeason Start DateSeason End Date
DucksLake Erie Marsh Zone14-Oct-234-Nov-23
DucksLake Erie Marsh Zone14-Oct-2317-Dec-23
DucksNorth Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-2311-Nov-23
DucksNorth Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-2331-Dec-23
DucksSouth Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-239-Dec-23
DucksSouth Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-2328-Jan-24

Coots Season

Ohio Coots SeasonSeason Start DateSeason End Date
Lake Erie Marsh Zone14-Oct-234-Nov-23
Lake Erie Marsh Zone14-Oct-2317-Dec-23
North Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-2311-Nov-23
North Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-2331-Dec-23
South Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-239-Dec-23
South Zone Waterfowl21-Oct-2328-Jan-24

Merganser Season

Ohio Merganser SeasonSeason Start DateSeason End Date
Lake Erie Marsh Zone14-Oct4-Nov
Lake Erie Marsh Zone14-Oct17-Dec
North Zone Waterfowl21-Oct11-Nov
North Zone Waterfowl21-Oct31-Dec
South Zone Waterfowl21-Oct9-Dec
South Zone Waterfowl21-Oct28-Jan

Chukar Season

Ohio Chukar SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Chukar Partridge Season3-Nov-2314-Jan-24A bag limit of 2 (males only)

Pheasant Season

Ohio Pheasant SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Ring-necked Pheasant3-Nov-2314-Jan-24A bag limit of 2 (males only)

Quail Season

Ohio Quail SeasonHunting Start DateHunting End DateNote
Bobwhite Quail3-Nov-2326-Nov-23Bag limit 2

Crow Season

Crow SeasonSeason Dates
American Crow (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only)June 2, 2023 - March 3, 2024

Snipe Season

SpeciesHunting DatesNote
Wilson's Snipe SeasonSept 1, 2023 - Dec 9, 2023
Nov 22, 2023 - Jan 1, 2024
A bag limit of 2 (males only)

Woodcock Season

SpeciesHunting DatesNote
American WoodcockOct 13, 2023 - Nov 26, 2023A bag limit of 2 (males only)

General Hunting Regulations

  • To hunt in Ohio, you must have a current hunting license, unless you are exempt.
  • All hunters, including landowners, must have a harvest information program (HIP) certification number on their hunting license if they want to shoot migratory game birds such mourning doves, ducks, geese, woodcock, rails, coots, and snipe.
  • An Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp endorsement is required for all hunters who are at least 18 years old.
  • A federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp must be purchased and signed by any hunter who is 16 or older (Duck Stamp).
  • After the second day, the possession restriction for migratory and ducks is three times the daily bag limit.
  • With the help of or using bait, hunters are not allowed to pursue or capture wild turkeys.
  • Using a live decoy to hunt wild turkeys is prohibited.
  • A wild turkey that is perched on a tree cannot be taken or attempted to be taken.
  • While turkey hunting, it is forbidden to have more than one hunting tool in your possession.
  • If the wild turkey permit has been completed, the hunter is in possession of a current hunting license, and is successful in taking a wild turkey, the hunter may help another hunter.
  • During the youth waterfowl weekend, any hunters who are under the age of 17 may go waterfowling.
  • On October 1 and 2, 2022, active-duty personnel and veterans may go waterfowl hunting.
  • There is a daily limit of one turkey per hunter.
  • Deer hunting with bait is prohibited everywhere save on public lands and in disease surveillance areas.
  • Communication tools cannot be used by hunters to help in chasing or killing deer.
  • The deer permit must be carried by hunters, whether it is paper or digital.
  • A leashed dog may be used by hunters to retrieve a wounded deer.
  • With a hunting license and a valid deer permit, hunters may hunt coyotes and feral swine (wild boar) during the deer gun season, the youth deer gun season, and the deer muzzleloader season while visibly donning a vest, coat, jacket, or set of coveralls in solid hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange.
  • With the exception of authorized nontoxic shot, no one is allowed to capture ducks, geese (including brant), rail, snipe, moorhens, or coots while in possession of shot.

Visit OhioDNR.gov for additional information on regulations.

Hunting License

Hunting in Ohio requires a valid hunting license for both Ohio residents and non-residents . Ohio hunting licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Hunting ducks requires a federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp (Duck Stamp). This requirement applies to those who are at least 16 years old. Check out the Ohio Department of Natural Resources eregulations website for additional details on license requirements, costs, and other laws.

Ohio Hunting Licenses Cost

License TypeCategoryValidityPrice
Youth 1-Year Hunting LicenseResident & Nonresident1 year$10.00
Youth 1-Year Apprentice LicenseResident & Nonresident1 year$10.00
Youth 3-Year Hunting LicenseResident3 years$27.04
Youth 5-Year Hunting LicenseResident5 years$45.07
Youth 10-Year Hunting LicenseResident10 years$90.14
Youth Lifetime Hunting LicenseResidentLifetime$430.56
Adult 1-Year Hunting LicenseResident1 year$19.00
Adult 1-Year Apprentice LicenseResident1 year$19.00
Adult 3-Year Hunting LicenseResident3 years$54.08
Adult 5-Year Hunting LicenseResident5 years$90.14
Adult 10-Year Hunting LicenseResident10 years$180.27
Adult Lifetime Hunting LicenseResidentLifetime$449.28
Nonresident 1-Year Hunting LicenseNonresident1 year$180.96
Nonresident 3-Day Hunting LicenseNonresident3 days$40.56
Nonresident 1-Year Apprentice Hunting LicenseNonresident1 year$180.96
Senior 1-Year Hunting LicenseResident Senior1 year$10.00
Senior 1-Year Apprentice LicenseResident Senior1 year$10.00
Senior 3-Year Hunting LicenseResident Senior3 years$27.04
Senior 5-Year Hunting LicenseResident Senior5 years$45.07
Senior Lifetime Hunting LicenseResident SeniorLifetime$84.24
Free Senior Hunting LicenseResident SeniorLifetimeFree

Ohio Hunting Stamps and Permit

Permit & Stamp TypeCategoryPrice
Either-Sex Deer PermitAdult Resident$31.20
Either-Sex Deer PermitAdult Nonresident$76.96
Either-Sex Deer PermitYouth Resident & Nonresident$16.00
Either-Sex Deer PermitSenior Resident Only$12.00
Either-Sex Deer PermitFree Senior Resident OnlyFREE
Deer Management PermitAdult & Youth Resident & Nonresident$15.00
Deer Management PermitSenior Resident Only$15.00
Deer Management PermitFree Senior Resident OnlyFREE
Fall Turkey PermitAdult Resident$31.20
Fall Turkey PermitAdult Nonresident$38.48
Fall Turkey PermitYouth Resident & Nonresident$16.00
Fall Turkey PermitSenior Resident Only$12.00
Fall Turkey PermitFree Senior Resident OnlyFREE
Migratory Bird & Waterfowl StampsFederal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp$25.00
Migratory Bird & Waterfowl StampsOhio Wetlands Habitat Stamp: Resident & Nonresident$15.00
Migratory Bird & Waterfowl StampsFree Senior Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp: Resident OnlyFREE
Spring Turkey PermitAdult Resident$31.20
Spring Turkey PermitAdult Nonresident$38.48
Spring Turkey PermitYouth Resident & Nonresident$16.00
Spring Turkey PermitSenior Resident Only$12.00
Spring Turkey PermitFree Senior Resident OnlyFREE
Fur Taker PermitAdult Resident & Nonresident$15.00
Fur Taker PermitYouth Resident & Nonresident$8.00
Fur Taker PermitSenior Resident Only$8.00
Fur Taker PermitFree Senior Resident OnlyFREE
Fur Taker Permit (Apprentice)Adult Resident & Nonresident$15.00
Fur Taker Permit (Apprentice)Senior Resident & Nonresident$8.00
Fur Taker Permit (Apprentice)Youth Resident & Nonresident$8.00
Shooting Range PermitsOne-Year Permit: Resident & Nonresident$24.00
Shooting Range PermitsOne-Day Permit: Resident & Nonresident$5.00
Shooting Range PermitsAnnual Permit & Hunting License Combo: Resident$29.12
Shooting Range PermitsAnnual Permit & Apprentice Hunting License Combo: Resident$29.12

FAQs related to Ohio Hunting Seasons

What are the hunting season dates for Ohio in 2023?

Ohio’s 2023 hunting season provides an opportunity for several different game species. Archery season for deer hunting is September 30, 2023, to February 4, 2024, with youth gun and regular gun seasons in November and December. Turkey hunting season runs from October 14 to November 12 and April 20 to May 19, 2024, including a youth-specific session in April. Squirrel and rabbit hunting are among the small game hunting seasons in 2024. Hunting waterfowl is possible in 2023. Early and late Canada Goose seasons are September 2–10 and November 27–December 3, 2023, respectively.

What are the bag limits for hunting turkey, waterfowl and migratory birds in Ohio?

The spring wild turkey season’s bag restriction is one bearded wild turkey, while the fall season’s bag limit is one bird.
The bag limit for waterfowl and migratory birds after the second day is three times the daily bag limit.

What equipment is legal for hunting in Ohio?

The use of a variety of equipment for hunting is permitted in Ohio. Hunting using straight-walled cartridge rifles, shotguns, and pistols is permitted. Bows and arrows—longbows, recurve bows, and compound bows—can also be utilized. Crossbows are allowed. Hunters may also use 12 ft-lb airguns. Hunting dogs may hunt small game and furbearers but not deer or turkey. Ohio’s rules provide hunters a variety of equipment while guaranteeing safety and animal management.

What permits are necessary for hunting in Ohio?

You need both a Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification and a current Ohio hunting license to go hunting in Ohio. Along with a signed federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp (Duck Stamp) for individuals who are 16 years of age or older, you also need an Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp endorsement to shoot waterfowl in Ohio.

Are there any special hunting regulations for active duty military and veterans in Ohio?

Yes, on September 30th and October 1st, members of the armed forces in active duty and veterans may go waterfowling. During this special waterfowl season, minors are permitted to hunt with adults and bag restrictions are the same as during the normal season.

Schedule Source: Ohio DNR

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