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Mourning doves, also known as Zenaida Macroura, are found in many parts of the world and are known for their soft, gentle cooing. These birds are found in various settings, from cities and suburbs to rural locations. But what do these pretty birds eat? They are mostly seed-eating birds, but their diet can vary depending on the season and location. In this article, we will explore the diet of the mourning dove and what they need to stay healthy. Read on to learn more about what these gentle creatures prefer to eat!

What food does a mourning dove eat?

Seeds comprise more than 99% of a mourning dove’s diet, although the birds consume many other items. It is uncommon for them to eat snails or insects.

The mourning dove is an opportunistic feeder, meaning that it will consume whatever is most conveniently available. They get their seeds and crops via foraging on the ground, in trees, and elsewhere. They have good vision and can identify tiny seeds from a long distance, which helps in their food quest.

Seeds from many different species of grasses and weeds compose most of a mourning dove’s diet. Mourning doves obtain most of their nourishment from these seeds, which also serve as a protein and fat source.

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What Does a Mourning Dove Eat?
What Does a Mourning Dove Eat?

How do mourning doves find food?

Because of their opportunistic nature, mourning doves will eat almost all types of grains and seeds. Each of these birds has its unique strategy for finding food:

Mourning doves may be spotted foraging for seeds on the ground in open places such as gardens, fields, and lawns. To feed, they utilize their excellent vision to locate seeds, which they then rapidly grab with their beak.

Mourning doves may sometimes climb trees for seeds and feed on the ground. The birds may either sit in one spot and glean seeds from the branches below them or bounce from branch to branch in the tree’s crown.

Seeds that are safe for mourning doves to eat

Seeds such as sunflower and safflower seeds, millet and broken corn, may attract mourning doves, who feed primarily on the seeds. Mourning doves may be appeased by providing these seeds in a feeder or on a platform since they are normally safe to consume.

Birds may be poisoned by eating seeds that have been sprayed with pesticides or have been exposed to other pollutants. For the same reason, you shouldn’t let mildew or other pollutants grow in the feeding area by keeping it clean.

To guarantee the health and well-being of mourning doves, it is important to give them a range of seeds and other suitable meals and keep the feeding area clean.

Importance of seeds in the diet of mourning doves

Seeds provide simple and complex carbohydrates for mourning doves. These carbohydrates offer energy for foraging, flying, and nesting. Protein helps mourning doves grow muscle and maintain healthy tissues. Mourning doves also need fats. Fat in seeds provides energy and helps birds retain healthy feathers.

What kind of feeders do mourning doves like?

There are a few types of bird feeders that are well-suited for attracting mourning doves. These include:

Tray feeders: Tray feeders are flat platforms with raised edges that hold seeds. They are easy for mourning doves to access and accommodate various seed types.

Hopper feeders: Hopper feeders are tall, cylindrical feeders with a wide opening at the top and a seed tray at the bottom. They are designed to hold many seeds and can be filled from the top, making them convenient.

Tube feeders: Tube feeders are long, narrow feeders with small perches and seed ports. They are well-suited for smaller seeds, such as millet and thistle, and can be adjusted to exclude larger birds.

What is the diet of a mourning dove in the wild?

In the wild, mourning doves primarily feed on seeds from grasses, grains, and other plants. They may also eat fruits and berries when they are available.

What do mourning doves eat in captivity?

In captivity, mourning doves can be fed a diet consisting primarily of seeds, including sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, millet, and cracked corn. These seeds can be offered in a feeder or on a platform. It is important to avoid offering seeds that have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals, as these can be harmful to birds.

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