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Minnesota Hunting Seasons 2024 New Regulations & Dates!

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Hunting is a beloved tradition in the state of Minnesota, and for good reason. There are plenty of chances for hunters to put their skills and patience to the test since there is an abundance of wildlife, including deer, beavers, bobcats, coyotes, and small game.

Understanding Minnesota’s hunting laws and regulations is essential to a successful and safe outdoor trip, regardless of your level of expertise. We’ll cover all you need to know, including schedules, dates, bag restrictions, licensing requirements, and more.

Minnesota Hunting Season

The state has possibilities for pursuing various species, including deer, beavers, bobcats, coyotes, and small game. However, owing to the diminishing population, shooting moose is prohibited. Both citizens and non-residents may purchase hunting permits from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), with pricing depending on the time and the species being hunted. There are many ways to obtain a license, including via DNR employees, the department’s St. Paul offices, phone, and online.

For the opportunity to hunt animals, including deer, bear, turkey, and wolves, hunters may also take part in lotteries. Hunters may readily register their catch online after a successful hunt.

MN Big Game


ArcherySept 16 – Dec 31
MuzzleloaderNov 25 – Dec 10
Metro DMZ-701Nov 4-26
Youth (Statewide)Oct 19-22
Early antlerlessOct 19-22
CWDDec 15-17
(A) – 100 SeriesNov 4-19
(A) – 200 SeriesNov 4-12
(A) – 300 SeriesNov 4-12
(B) – 300 SeriesNov 18-26

MN Hunting
MN Hunting


ElkDatesLicenses availableZone
Either-sexSep 9-17220
Sept 23-Oct 1
Oct 7-15
AntlerlessSept 9-17
Sept 23-Oct 1
Oct 7-15
Either-sexSep 9-17330
Sept 23-Oct 1230

Minnesota elk zones
Minnesota elk zones/Map Credit:www.dnr.state.mn.us
Elk Terms

Minnesota elk hunting provides hunters with a distinctive and uncommon chance. It is an experience that will only come around once in a lifetime. Hunters must pick a game, zone, and kind of license and obtain a license code 625 to participate in this hunt.

  • The chosen hunters are picked using a lottery method, with a greater probability of selection for those who choose a license without antlers.
  • Residents are eligible to apply either alone or with a partner. However, if two people apply together, they will each get one elk tag instead of two.
  • Friday briefings are required to educate hunters on how to hunt before each season.
  • For selected hunters, the license price is $288, and there is a $5 non-refundable application charge.
  • Landowners may also get one of the few available licenses.


Baiting StartsAug 11
HuntSept 1 – Oct 15

Upland birds


Ruffed & spruce grouseSept 16 – Jan 1
Northwest zone (Sharp-tailed grouse,)Sept 16 – Nov 30
East-central zone  (Sharp-tailed grouse,)Closed


  • Sept 16 – Jan 1


SpeciesHunting Start DatesHunting End DatesBag LimitsPossession Limits
Pheasant14-Oct-2330-Nov-232 roosters6 roosters
Pheasant1-Dec-231-Jan-243 roosters9 roosters

Pheasant Bag limit: From October 14 to November 30, only two roosters may be harvested every day, but you can keep six in your possession. From December 1 to January 1, the daily and possession limits increase to three and nine roosters, respectively. It’s crucial to remember that these limits may vary by location and activity legislation.

Prairie chicken

  • Sept 30-Oct 8


  • Sept 1 – Nov 29 (Statewide)


WoodcockSept 23 – Nov 6


  • 01-Sep-24 – 04-Nov-24


  • 01-Sep-24 – 04-Nov-24


01-Mar-24 – 31-Mar-24
01-Sep-24 – 31-Oct-24
15-Dec-24 – 15-Jan-25



MN Small Game


North19-Oct-24 – 15-Mar-25
South19-Oct-24 – 15-Mar-25

Cottontail & Snowshoe HareStatewide14-Sep-24 – 28-Feb-25
Jack14-Sep-24 – 28-Feb-25

  • 14-Sep-24 – 28-Feb-25
North19-Oct-24 – 16-Mar-25
South26-Oct-24 – 16-Mar-25


  • 1-Jan – 31-Dec
North of I-94 and U.S. Highway 1014-Dec-24 – 19-Jan-25

North19-Oct-24 – 15-Mar-25
South19-Oct-24 – 15-Mar-25

North19-Oct-24 – 15-Mar-25
South19-Oct-24 – 15-Mar-25

North26-Oct-24 – 15-Mar-25
South2-Nov-24 – 15-Mar-25

  • 26-Oct-24 – 28-Feb-25
  • 26-Oct-24 – 28-Feb-25
  • 26-Oct-24 – 19-Jan-25
Pine Marten
  • 21-Dec-24 – 29-Dec-24 (North of I-94 & U.S. Highway 10)

MN Waterfowl

Youth Waterfowl Hunt

  • 9-Sep – 10-Sep

Waterfowl Hunt Day

  • 23-Sep


Early goose (statewide)Sept 2-17
NorthSept 23 – Dec 22
CentralSept 23 – Oct 1
Oct 7 – Dec 27
SouthSept 23 – Oct 1
Oct 7 – Dec 27


Blue-winged, Green-winged, Cinnamon teal2-Sep – 6-Sep

Ducks, Mergansers and Coots

CentralSept 23 – Oct 1
 Oct 7 – Nov 26
SouthSept 23 – Oct 1
 Oct 7 – Nov 26
NorthSept 23 – Nov 21

Sandhill cranes

  • 21-Sep-24 – 19-Oct-24

MN Waterfowl Daily Limits for All Species (excluding goose)

Daily Waterfowl Limits Minnesota

Hunting Hotspots in Minnesota

Minnesota Licenses, Permits & Hunting Regulations

A hunting license or permit, as well as information on game rules, may be obtained online through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The website is available to everyone in and outside of Minnesota. Please use the following learn more button to access the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.

Resident Licenses

Resident LicensesFeeCode
Apprentice Hunter Validation$3.50199
youth no quota 13 to 17 (r)$5.00642
license (r)$44.00660
lottery application (r)$4.00662
Lottery License 13 to 17 (r)$5.00643
military/on leave (r)None663
no quota (r)$44.00224
surplus (r)$44.00664
youth lottery 10 to 12 (r) 659
youth no quota 10 to 12 (r) 676
youth surplus 10 to 12(r) 674
youth surplus 13 to 17 (r)$5.00644
archery/on leave(r)None233
antlerless lotteryNone665
antlerless surplus lotteryNone675
archery (r)$34.00213
bonus firearm/archery/muzzleloader (r)$18.00430
Camp Ripley hunt A application$14.00668
Camp Ripley hunt B application$14.00669
Disease Management – Code (R-201 / NR-202)$1.50
Early Antlerless (r)$8.50422
firearm (r)$34.00212
discharged archery (r) 238
discharged firearm (r) 239
discharged muzzleloader (r) 249
firearm/on leave (r) 232
muzzleloader/on leave (r) 234
muzzleloader license (r)$34.00203
youth 10 – 12 (archery-246/firearm-247/muzzleloader-248)None
youth 13 to 17 (archery-209 / firearm-210 / muzzleloader-204) (r)$5.00
crossbow for taking big game or turkey (r) 
hunt from standing motor vehicle (r) 
muzzleloader with a non-magnifying scope (r) 

Nonresident Licenses

Nonresident License TypesFeesCode
Apprentice Hunter Validation$3.50199
license (nr)$230.00661
lottery application (nr)$4.00662
no quota (nr)$230.00225
surplus (nr)$230.00667
youth lottery 13 to 17 (nr)$5.00646
youth noquota 13 to 17 (nr)$5.00645
youth surplus 13 to 17 (nr)$5.00647
antlerless lotteryNone665
 antlerless surplus lotteryNone675
 archery (nr)$185.00223
 bonus firearm/ archery/muzzleloader (nr)$91.00431
 Camp Ripley hunt A application$14.00668
 Camp Ripley hunt B application$14.00669
 Disease Management – Code (R-201 / NR-202)$1.50N/A
 Early Antlerless (nr)$45.00423
 firearm (nr)$185.00222
 license upgrades season changeVariesN/A
 muzzleloader license(nr)$185.00237
 youth 10 – 12 (archery-246/firearm-247/muzzleloaNoneN/A
 youth 13 to 17 (archery-230 / firearm-231 / muzz$5.00N/A
Duplicate licensesVariesN/A
Federal Duck Stamp$27.5010
Furbearer/Racoon/Bobcat (nr)$183.00228
Landowner Deer LicenseNone342
Lifetime NR Angling/Small GameVariesN/A
Lifetime small game renewal (nr)None416
Sandhill Crane Permit$3.00250
Small game
72 hour (nr)$75.00145
youth 16 – 17 (nr)$5.00206
18 and older (nr)$102.00221
migratory waterfowl (validation & pictoral)$8.25245
migratory waterfowl$7.50226
pheasant (validation & pictorial)$8.25244
pheasant validation$7.50229


How many deer can I hunt in Minnesota?

Regular hunters may tag one deer of either gender with their basic license when they use bows, firearms, or muzzleloaders. You are allowed to take up to three deer in regions having a three-deer cap.

Is it legal to bait deer in Minnesota?

The practice of “deer baiting,” which involves placing food close to deer stands or clearings in an effort to draw the animals so that you may kill them, has been prohibited in Minnesota since 1991.

Can I hunt squirrels in Minnesota?

You may hunt rabbits, hares, and squirrels, or you can create traps to capture them.

Can I hunt over a salt lick in Minnesota?

No, it is unlawful to use a salt or mineral product for hunting if it contains anything other than salt or minerals. Numerous products, including more recent liquid, powder, and block forms, include foods or attractants such grains, fruits, and derivatives of sugar (glucose, dextrose, and fructose). You may only use mineral products or simple salt.

Dates & Regulations Source: DNR Minnesota

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