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Montana Hunting Seasons 2024-2025 New Dates & Regulations

Montana is a paradise for hunters, with abundant herds, long seasons, and vast public and private lands. The state’s wildlife management officials carefully plan pursuing period to provide a variety of chances while maintaining wildlife balance. This complete guide provides hunters with all information, including schedule, laws, harvest quotas, license requirements, and useful resources.

Montana Hunting Seasons

The State provides a wonderful game experience for big game hunters, with many possibilities to hunt antelope, bison, black bear, elk, and mountain lions. Residents and non-residents alike may easily get hunting licenses and permits via the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department’s online platform or at numerous locations around the state. Non-residents may also purchase combination permits for elk and deer. A permission may be acquired to legally recover a deer, moose, elk, or antelope that is inadvertently killed in a car collision.


900 series15-Aug – 10-Nov
Archery7-Sep – 11-Oct
General12-Oct – 10-Nov

MT Deer hunting season
MT Deer hunting season

Deer and Elk

Archery7-Sep – 20-Oct
Youth (deer only)17-Oct – 18-Oct
General26-Oct – 01-Dec
Shoulder seasons15-Aug – 15-Feb
Muzzleloader14-Dec – 22-Dec
Archery (Backcountry – HD’s 150, 280)3-Sep – 14-Sep
General (Backcountry – HD’s 150, 280)15-Sep – 01-Dec
Archery (Backcountry – HD 316)Does not have an Archery-only Season


  • 15-Sep – 01-Dec

Big Horn Sheep

Archery7-Sep – 14-Sep
General15-Sep – 01-Dec

Mountain Goat

  • 15-Sep – 01-Dec


  • 15-Nov – 15-Feb

Bear Season

Spring15-Apr – May 31/ June 15
Spring Hound15-Apr – 25-May
Spring Hound Training26-May – 15-June
Archery7-Sep – 14-Sep
Fall15-Sep – 01-Dec

Mountain Lion

Archery (without dogs)3-Sep – 16-Oct
Fall (without dogs)26-Oct – 01-Dec
Winter1-Dec – 14-Apr
Resident Hound Training2-Dec – 14-Apr


Archery3-Sep – 14-Sep
General15-Sep – 15-Mar
Trapping28-Nov – 15-Mar

Migratory Birds

Wilson’s SnipeSep 1 – Dec 16
Mourning DoveSep 1 – Oct 30
Youth WaterfowlSep 24 – Sep 25
SpeciesPacific Flyway DatesCentral Flyway – Zone 1 DatesCentral Flyway – Zone 2 Dates
DucksSep 30 – Jan 12Sept. 30 – Jan. 4Sept. 30 – Oct. 8 Oct. 21 – Jan. 16
FalconrySep 30 – Jan 12Sept. 30 – Jan. 4Sept. 30 – Oct. 8 Oct. 21 – Jan. 16
CootsSep 30 – Jan 12Sept. 30 – Jan. 4
Sept. 30 – Oct. 8 Oct. 21 – Jan. 16
Geese including FalconrySep 30 – Jan 12Sept. 30 – Jan. 12

Sept. 30 – Oct. 8 & Oct. 21 – Jan. 24

Sandhill Cranes

Special Drawing License1-Sep – 30-Oct
OTC License28-Sep – 27-Nov

Upland Birds

Mountain Grouse1-Sep – 1-Jan
Partridge1-Sep – 1-Jan
Ring-necked Pheasant12-Oct – 1-Jan
Youth Hunt21-Sep – 22-Sep
Sharp-tailed Grouse1-Sep – 1-Jan
Sage Grouse1-Sep – 30-Sep
Falconry1-Sep – 31-Mar

Furbearer (Trapping)

Beaver1-Nov – 15-Apr
 1-Sep – 31-May
Bobcat1-Dec – 15-Feb
 1-Dec – 1-Mar
Swift Fox1-Nov – 15-Jan
Fisher, Marten1-Dec – 15-Feb
Mink, Muskrat, Otter1-Nov – 15-Apr


Spring15-Apr – 31-May
Fall1-Sep – 1-Jan

Dates for the season may vary by zone. Please visit the website for the appropriate State Authority.

Montana Predators.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has the following regulations addressing the shooting of predators:

According to law, predators include coyotes, weasels, (striped) skunks, and civet cats (spotted skunk). Federal or state laws or regulations do not apply to predator shooting. Both resident and nonresident hunters in Montana are free to shoot predators at any time without a license.

To kill predators on state school trust grounds, you need a conservation license or a license for recreational use of state school trust lands. To shoot predators on private property, permission must be acquired.

Hunting License Fees

Licenses TypesPriceNote
Base Hunting License Fee$10 This is an annual fee and will be assessed at the time the hunter purchases or applies for his/her first hunting license.
Base Hunting License Fee$15 Nonresident Cost
Bow and Arrow (Archery)$10 Resident Cost
Bow and Arrow (Archery)$10 Nonresident Cost
Disabled Conservation License$8
Blind Resident lifetime fishing license$10
General Combination Licenses
General Big Game Combo (Deer & Elk)$1,108Quota of 17000
General Elk Combo$934Quota of 17000
General Deer Combo$646
Landowner Sponsored Deer Combo Licenses$683.50Quota of 2000
Big Game Combo (Deer & Elk)$591.50Quota of 500
Elk Combo$505.50Quota of 500
Deer Combo$360.50Quota of 500
Nonresident Native License
Big Game Combo (Deer & Elk)$554Quota of Unlimited
Elk Combo$467Quota of Unlimited
Deer Combo$323Quota of Unlimited
Nonresident Student Hunting License
Big Game Combo (Deer & Elk)$554
Elk Combo$467
Deer Combo$323
Resident Youth Combination$31
Nonresident Youth Combination$554Quota of Unlimited
$467Quota of Unlimited
$323Quota of Unlimited

Laws for the Montana

Regulations for Deer, Elk, and Antelope


Which kind of hunting are permitted in Montana?

Big game creatures including antelope, bison, black bears, elk, and mountain lions may all be hunted in Montana.

How can I purchase hunting licenses and permits in Montana?

The Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department of Montana offers online hunting license and permit sales to both residents and non-residents. They may also be purchased from a variety of businesses spread out over the state.

Does Montana provide any opportunities for young hunters?

Yes, Montana has a program called apprentice hunting that enables kids 10 and older to buy permits without first completing a hunter education course. They must go with an adult hunter who is at least 21 years old.

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