West Virginia Hunting Seasons

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West Virginia Hunting Seasons 2024 New Dates & Regulations!

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West Virginia offers exciting opportunities for hunters in the state. This comprehensive reference offers important details on the game regulations and bag limits, required permits, and helpful connections to improve your game experience. Whether you’re an experienced hunter or new to the sport, this guide will be a valuable resource for helping you organize your hunts while ensuring you follow the regulations.

West Virginia Hunting Seasons

The beautiful Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia host a number of annual big games. The “Mountain State,” as West Virginia is often called, provides excellent opportunities for big and small game, including deer, bear, turkey, and small game, amid breathtaking isolation. West Virginia’s beautiful scenery and plenty of animals make it the perfect outdoor area.




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west virginia hunting seasons

WV Heritage Hunting

The Mountaineer Heritage Hunting Season is a West Virginia annual event that permits individuals to use historic weaponry such as flintlock rifles and pistols, longbows and recurve bows, and percussion sidelock rifles and pistols. This four-day season, held over a weekend in January, is an extension of last year (e.g. 2022 was the extension of the 2021) and permits to pursue deer, turkeys, and bears. The season has grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more participating each year.

MHHS focuses on historic firearms and practices. For others, the nostalgia adds to its charm. The season has fewer participants than others, resulting in a relaxed, low-pressure surrounding. The hunt may seem more real and historical, with fewer people contending for the animals and affecting the ecosystem. The MHHS provides a more traditional and historic hunting experience, which many find appealing and pleasurable.

WV Mountaineer Heritage Season Latest Highlights!

  • Four-day Mountaineer Heritage announced and it Starts on the 12th and ends on the 15th of January for deer, bear, and turkey.
  • Is already underway in all 55 counties in West Virginia, albeit there are limitations on the types of firearms that may be used.
  • You are permitted to capture one deer, one bear, and one turkey, with limits on the number of antlered deer.
  • A valid state license for the year 2024 is needed of all hunters 15 and older.
  • Except in counties that allow solely bowhunting, all game restrictions, including the necessity to wear blaze orange, remain in effect throughout this.

WV Heritage Hunting Guidelines

  • It’s all about hunting using prehistoric weapons and skills.
  • From Thursday through Sunday, the season lasts four days in January.
  • May only use longbows, recurve bows, or old-style muzzleloading black powder rifles with a flintlock or percussion cap action throughout.
  • Scoped in-line rifles are not authorized.
  • The goal is to enable hunters to rediscover the Mountaineer Heritage and hunt like it was done 150 years ago.
  • The experience of the hunt is more important than the result.
  • May kill deer or bears.
  • In past years, the success rate for this season was quite low, with just one bear and a limited number of deer captured.
  • During this week, all pursuers must wear at least 400 square inches of blazing orange when out in the field.
  • To increase the difficulty of the hunt, some hunters dress in buckskins and use a spot-and-stalk strategy.
  • During the season, tree stands are also permitted.

Heritage Game Requirements & Regulations

WV Mountaineer Heritage Hunting Requirements & RegulationsDetails
Hunting LicenseDuring the Mountaineer Heritage Season, a valid hunting license for the current year is necessary. You may get one through a licensing agent in your area, the DNR office in your region, or at www.wvhunt.com.
Season LimitThere is a 1 deer and 1 bear bag limit.
Legal Weapons for DeerLongbows, recurve bows, flintlock rifles, pistols, and rifles with percussion locks.
Legal Weapons for BearLong bow, recurve bow, flintlock rifle, pistol, or percussion side lock weapon. The yearly bag limit for bears will not be affected by the one-bear restriction per hunter each season.
Limit on Antlered DeerIn all, between ordinary and Mountaineer Heritage Seasons, you may only capture three antlered deer. During the combined Archery and Mountaineer Heritage Seasons, only one antlered deer may be taken in Logan, McDowell, Mingo, and Wyoming counties.
Legal Weapons StatewideLong bows, recurve bows,.38 caliber or bigger single-shot side lock or flintlock muzzleloading rifles, and.38 caliber or larger single-shot side lock or flintlock muzzleloading pistols. Firearms with telescopic sights are prohibited, as are inline muzzleloaders.

Schedule & Dates

For the latest update and schedule of the WV Mountaineer Heritage, you may Call the WVDNR Office between Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 5:00 pm at Phone number 304-558-6200.


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When does the hunting in West Virginia start and end?

It runs from September through March. Deer comprises archery, crossbow, rifle, muzzleloader, and youth seasons. Duck and geese is from September to January, while turkey is from April to May.

Do I need a license to hunt in West Virginia?

Yes hunters need licenses. Your residence status, age, and game type determine your license. Online or in-person licensing agents sell licenses to residents and nonresidents. The West Virginia Resident Base License and Nonresident Base License are examples. May need the Deer Stamp and Turkey Stamp.

Does West Virginia have youth hunting or mentoring programs?

Yes, the state has Youth and mentoring programs. The Youth Deer lets 8-14-year-olds hunt with an unarmed, licensed adult. Archery, crossbow, rifle, muzzleloader, and youth games are included. The Youth Turkey Season gives 8-16-year-olds fall and spring chances with an unarmed, licensed adult. Mentored Youth Hunts are provided for 12-17-year-old hunters. A certified adult mentor must complete the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Mentored Youth Hunt Training Course. These initiatives encourage young hunters to hunt responsibly and ethically.

Can I hunt on public lands in West Virginia?

Yes, WV allows hunting on public grounds and requires a license and stamps. WVDNR laws must be followed, including shooting hours and bag restrictions. Each public land region may have restrictions, such as weapons or hunting seasons.

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