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2024 Arizona Hunting: New Season Dates, Locations & More!

Arizona offers an incredible range of opportunities, making it one of the country’s top destinations to pursue. In this page, we’ll explore the latest game schedules, the different game species available, and the regulations that must be followed. So, let’s get started!

Arizona Hunting Seasons 2024-2025

The state also has a variety of special seasons, such as youth and archery-only hunts, that offer additional opportunities to bag a trophy. When it comes to elk trophies, this is a top destination to bag one. Bighorn sheep, antelope, and javelina are some of the large mammals in the area.




Bighorn Sheep




Mountain Lion

Furbearer Season


Bobcat, Foxes, Ringtail, Weasel, and





Upland Games






Migratory Games

Dove & Pigeon

Waterfowl Season

Ducks including mergansers, coots, and gallinules


Sandhill Crane

Reptile and Amphibian

Trapping Season

2024 Arizona spring hunts


It’s illegal to take a deer without a valid license. The number of deer you kill will equal the number of permits you need. The cost is determined by factors such as the customer’s age, residency status, and nationality.

For purchase of license, you may refer to AZGFD portal.

License fees
License fees


Violations & Infractions

There are a lot of rules, but just a handful that account for the vast majority of hunting-related fines in the state.

  • Use of Illegal Weapons: Using a weapon or other illegal tool to capture wild animals is one such offense. Always use the appropriate weapon for the season, and check that it satisfies all requirements, to ensure success.
  • No-Shooting Zone: There is a 440-yard no-shooting zone around all homes and other structures. Since this is a great distance, you should be far enough from any structures while firing.
  • Littering: Must remove trash and discarded shot shells. Littering is punishable by fines. Check your community’s dead-animal disposal guidelines.
  • Street-Firing: Street-firing is illegal. This is another crime that goes unpunished. Shining a spotlight is illegal if cars shine lights at deer.

Associated Fines

  • Any hunting-related offence may result in a five-year license suspension. Negative habits include irresponsible gun usage, livestock slaughter, waste disposal, and needless game meat eating. Multiple crimes may lengthen your license suspension.
  • The state mandates animal politeness. White-tailed deer are valued over $3,000 each. Illegally killing a deer may result in state fines. Bigger deer and bucks cost more.
  • Anyone who reports illegally killed deer or other big wildlife might win $500.

Hunting Locations

Santa Teresa WildernessUntouched and secluded location ideal for seasoned hunters. home to antelope, buffalo, bighorn sheep, black bears, elk, and deer, among other big-game species.
Woolsey Park WildernessSituated close to the Phoenix urban area, this region provides javelina, quail, and dove hunting options.
Saguaro LakeEasy commute from Phoenix, well-liked for bighorn sheep shooting. Reachable from Apache Junction, offering an excellent location for discovery.
Unit 9Known for its antelope population, which is dispersed throughout the southern and central regions. State and private lands make up the habitat of antelopes.
Tucson areaMaps and materials on hunting in the Tucson region are available from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.



Arizona Game & Fish Department

5000 W Carefree Highway

Phoenix, AZ 85087

Phone Number:



Frequently Asked Question

What can you hunt in Arizona without a license?

Anyone under ten, whether resident or not, may hunt in the state without a license, except those seeking to pursue the big game. They must always be accompanied by a competent adult who is at least 18 years old. 10-17-year-old Arizona residents and non-residents need a Youth Combination & Fishing License.

Can you hunt on your own land in Arizona?

On private land, including landowners and anyone with approval to hunt there, must also have a valid hunting or trapping license.

What types of games can I hunt in Arizona?

Opportunities in Arizona include a variety of game species. Big-game options like deer, elk, and bighorn sheep are also popular, as are small-game options like quail, pheasants, and ducks. It’s important to examine the rules for each species since their seasons and availability may differ.

Can non-residents participate in the Arizona Hunting Season?

Yes, non-residents are allowed to hunt in Arizona throughout the season. They must, though, get a non-resident hunting license and adhere to the same rules as locals.

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