What is the Meaning of Releasing White Dove?

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Dove release symbolizes peace and a new beginning in many traditions. White doves symbolize happiness and tranquility throughout cultures and historical eras, even after death. Home peace Integrity Holy spirits Guilelessness declaration.

Weddings have historically included doves. A white dove at a wedding is considered to symbolize a happy marriage. Wedding doves symbolize love and serenity.

For thousands of years, setting them free has been a way to increase the impact of rites and festivities.

Dove releases can have different meanings for different people. For some, it may be a sign of hope or peace. For others, it may be a way to remember a lost loved one. But what is the real meaning behind this popular tradition?

This article will explore the history and meaning of dove releases. We will discuss the different interpretations of this ritual and what it means for those who participate in it. Finally, we will offer our thoughts on the matter.

What does it mean to release a dove?

Meaning of a White Dove Release at Weddings.

Meaning of a White Dove Release at Weddings
Meaning of a White Dove Release at Weddings

The release of doves during the wedding is seen as a lovely and meaningful ritual. To commemorate the start of their new life together, the couple releases a “bridal pair” of doves.

Traditionally, the bridal couple and their guests release paired doves; besides that, they release a single dove as well.  It’s a sign of their approval of your upcoming nuptials. You might release a third single dove to signify a person who could not attend the wedding but was there in spirit.

Let’s explain the reasons behind it:

Divine and Purity

A dove’s white feathers have long stood for pristine innocence. This might represent the purity of the bride and groom’s love and the fresh start they are getting from their marriage. Dove releases are a common way for newlyweds to celebrate their new lives together after their wedding.

Happiness and many blessings

White doves are a symbol of peace and good fortune in many faiths. Since weddings are joyous events, releasing a caged bird is a fitting symbol of the joy that comes with marriage. Some cultures believe that if a bride and groom witness a dove cooing together on their wedding day, they will have a happy and prosperous marriage.

Devotion and Dependability

Many types of doves in the wild are monogamous, meaning they stay with the same partner for the rest of their lives. The doves’ release during a wedding signifies the bride and groom’s eternal love for one another. To do so demonstrates commitment and dedication.

After saying their vows, the couple will show their loved ones how much they appreciate them by releasing two doves. The loyalty these birds symbolize may serve as a motif for the wedding day, appearing on stationery, glassware, and even the bride’s jewelry.

Releasing Doves at a Funeral Meaning

Releasing Doves at a Funeral Meaning
Releasing Doves at a Funeral Meaning

During the funeral or burial ceremony, releasing white doves is a touching gesture that everybody remembers fondly. 

The release of white doves during a funeral, memorial service, or cemetery ceremony is a touching gesture to show your deepest condolences. The act of releasing a dove is said to represent the spirit of the deceased person soaring up to heaven. For many, it is a way to say goodbye to a loved one beautifully and especially.

Significance of Number of Birds released at Funerals

Doves represent a lot of different things. The release of a certain number of doves during a funeral ceremony might have different symbolic significance depending on the circumstances. An individual dove is released as a symbol of a loved one’s soul’s journey after death. If you see two doves, it means your deceased loved one is being accompanied on their trip to the afterlife by a spirit guide. It is common practice to release many doves to honor a deceased loved one.

Spiritual Meaning of Dove

Where Is this tradition of Dove Release found?

Formal occasions for dove release include christenings, marriages, funerals, and graduation ceremonies. A release of white doves, which have come to symbolize peace and fresh beginnings, is fitting for any significant event or milestone.

Why are only white doves released?

White doves have been used at weddings and funerals alike for millennia as a sign of love and innocence. Although the symbolic significance of doves used in rituals varies significantly from one culture to the next, there are certain commonalities.

White doves are gentle birds that are typically associated with the afterlife and the transportation of the spirits of the deceased to their ultimate resting place.

What does the white dove represent?

The white dove has many more meanings and symbols. Love is inextricably intertwined with success, fortune, and loyalty. The tradition of releasing doves during rituals dates back hundreds of years. It is said to provide ceremonies and festivities with a feeling of accomplishment.

About White Doves

Doves have a motherly feel. Doves are sweet and compassionate. Many cultures associate the dove with motherhood. The dove is a symbol of love, devotion, purity, and peace in Christian art.

Why do some think it’s an act of cruelty to release Doves?

Act of cruelty to release Doves
Act of cruelty to release Doves

Commonly, when people refer to “Doves” or “wedding doves,” they mean Homing Pigeons, which have been purposefully bred to be all-white, tiny, and dove-like. Release Doves are domestic birds that cannot survive in the wild because they are easy prey for predators. They will be devoured by hawks, gulls, ravens, dogs, cats, raccoons, ugly people, and vehicles if they do not starve to death or get sick.

There aren’t many regulations in place to prevent the release of doves or the abandonment of other household birds in the United States.

White ring-neck doves may be purchased at nearly any pet shop for about $20 to $30 each and released during a wedding or funeral.

The Truth Behind the Release of the Doves.

Contrary to common perception, the real world differs significantly from fantasy.

The “dove release” business spreads the misconception that caged white birds prosper after being “freed.”

Even in the best-case situation, trained “wedding doves” risk being injured, lost, or killed on their return voyage.

To make matters worse, many people go out of their way to buy and release white Ringneck Doves and King Pigeons. Most of them are bound to die.


To wrap things off, we’d want to let you know that although it’s true that releasing doves during a wedding is a lovely ritual believed by a lot of traditions, but most of the birds don’t make it back to their home after being released free into the wild. 

It is advised never to purchase birds to release during a ceremony, whether it be a wedding, burial, prayer, blessing, “good gesture,” or anything. The white doves you’re sold won’t know how to survive, so they’ll be in pain and eventually perish. They won’t be a worthy symbol of your celebration. Buying captive birds and releasing them into the wild is cruel and may be against the law where you live.

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