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John Lewis

Maryland Hunting Seasons

2024-2025 Maryland Hunting Seasons New Regulations & Dates

Let’s delve into Maryland’s hunting calendar, explore the array of game species, and uncover the top outdoor destinations. Ready to embark on this journey? Maryland Hunting Season Upland birds Hunting Location Though Maryland is home to a relatively small amount of public hunting area, it is spread out evenly throughout the state. It’s easy to ...

John Lewis

Beyond the Basics: Maryland Deer Hunting Regulations Explained

MDNR has established regulations to provide opportunities for hunters while maintaining healthy deer numbers. This guide summarizes key regulations for archery, muzzleloader, firearm, and air gun deer hunting in Maryland. General Deer Hunting Regulations All individuals in Maryland must comply with the following general requirements: Archery Muzzleloader Firearm and Air Gun Regulations Managed Hunting Programs ...

John Lewis

Mastering the Hunt: MDNR Regulations Made Simple

Hunting regulations are governed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Here are some key regulations hunters should be aware of. General Regulations Hunting on Private Property Sunday Hunting State Lands Fluorescent Orange Clothing Must wear daylight fluorescent orange or pink outer garments to promote visibility: Some exemptions exist, such as for archery deer seasons ...