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John Lewis

Vermont Duck Hunting Season

2024 Vermont Duck Hunting Season New Updates

Vermont attracts enthusiastic seekers seeking thrills with its stunning surroundings and numerous waterfowl. Due of the large permits and extensive variety of bird species in in the state, wildlife lovers worldwide enjoy observing them. This page will provide information on dates, limits, and possession constraints for various duck species. Vermont Duck Hunting Season Waterfowl season ...

John Lewis

Vermont Hunting Season

2024-2025 Vermont Hunting Seasons New Regulations & Dates!

Vermont has over 800,000 acres of federal and state-owned public land, also State parks allow hunting off-season. In this page, we’ll discuss the dates, regulations, and permits you’ll need in order to hunt in the state. Vermont Hunting Season Hunting  Regulations Location The residents of this state shall be allowed to hunt and fowl on ...