3 Simple Steps To Get Rid of Pigeons Smartly! Keep Pigeons Away

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Pigeons can be a nuisance, and getting rid of them can be challenging. Pigeons can be a pain, especially if they’re constantly roosting on your property. In this blog post, We’ll share some great tips on keeping pigeons away naturally, so you can enjoy your property in peace.  

How to keep away pigeons?

You can do a few things to discourage pigeons from hanging around. First, remove anything that might attract them, such as food or water. If you have a bird feeder, make sure it is inaccessible to pigeons. Below are several methods you can try, including:

Best ways to get rid of PigeonsSolution
TrappingYou can trap pigeons by setting up a cage with food inside. Once the pigeons are inside, you can then release them elsewhere.
ScaringYou can try to scare pigeons away by making loud noises or using bright lights.
HazingYou can haze pigeons by spraying them with water or using lasers.

Each of these methods has its pros and cons, which we discussed later in the post, so you’ll need to decide which is right for you.

How to get rid of pigeons naturally?

There is no surefire cure to stop pigeons from sitting on ledges, but you can do a few things to deter them. First, ensure that no food or water sources attract the pigeons to your property. Second, try using visual deterrents like plastic owls or shiny objects to scare the pigeons away. 

One option is to install plastic, rubber or silicon spikes like Defender Spikes on ledges where pigeons like to perch, but make sure you never use metal spikes as this will cause harm to the bird. Another is to use a product like Bird-X Balcony Guard, a non-toxic gel that pigeons don’t want to walk on. You can also try placing a balloon or other object that moves in the wind on ledges, as pigeons don’t like to be near moving objects. Finally, you can try using a sonic bird repeller, which emits a high-pitched noise only birds can hear.

How to keep away pigeons
How to keep away pigeons

How to keep pigeons off a balcony?

If you’re having trouble with pigeons roosting on your balcony, you can do a few things to deter them. First, try placing objects on your balcony that will make it difficult for pigeons to land, such as potted plants or lawn chairs. You can also try hanging streamers or balloons from the ceiling, as these will make the space less inviting for pigeons. Finally, you can try spraying the birds with water or a mixture of vinegar and water whenever they land on your balcony. This will teach them that the area is unsafe to roost.

How to get rid of Pigeons easily from balcony
How to get rid of Pigeons easily from balcony

How to get Pigeons out of Attic?

Pigeons in the Attic can be a real nuisance. Not only are they loud and messy, but they can also carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. If you’ve got pigeons in your Attic, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them.

First, you need to figure out how the pigeons are getting into the Attic in the first place. Once you’ve identified the entry point, you can block it to prevent more pigeons from getting in. Next, you must remove any food sources that might attract the pigeons. This could include bird seed, pet food, or garbage. Finally, you need to make the Attic an unattractive place for pigeons to be. This could involve playing loud music, setting up a light, or spraying the area with a repellent.

Getting rid of pigeons in the Attic is not always easy, but it is possible. By taking these steps, you can discourage pigeons from making your Attic their home.

How do you control pigeons in a warehouse?

If you have pigeons in your warehouse, chances are they’re roosting on ledges or in rafters. To get rid of them, you’ll need to remove their food and water sources and make the area less attractive to them. Start by cleaning up any spilled grain or birdseed, and make sure all food is stored correctly. Next, cut back any vegetation growing near the warehouse, as pigeons like to nest in dense foliage. You can also try setting up a scarecrow or other decoy to deter the pigeons from entering your warehouse. Finally, install bird netting or spikes in areas where pigeons are roosting. This will make the area uninhabitable, and they’ll eventually move on.

How do I get rid of pigeons around my solar panels?

Pigeons love to roost under solar panels, and their droppings can damage the panels and reduce their efficiency. If you have pigeons nesting under your solar panels, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them. First, try using a sonic bird deterrent. These devices emit a high-pitched noise that only birds can hear, and they will eventually drive the pigeons away. You can also try using a physical barrier, such as a wire mesh to keep the pigeons from getting under the panels. Finally, you can try using a chemical repellent, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the solar panels.

How Do Professionals in Pest Control Get Rid of Pigeons?

In most cases, there’s no need to call in a pest control expert to get rid of pigeons unless you run out of time. You can do several things to get rid of pigeons yourself, which we have discussed above in this article, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. More or less, the pest control provider shall implement the same tips as said herein. Here are a few top tips among the list that can be really helpful to get rid of pigeons fast:

  • Block off access to areas where pigeons like to roost, such as balconies, ledges, and rooftops.
  • Set up scarecrows or plastic owls to scare pigeons away.
  • Use bird netting to keep pigeons from landing in areas where they’re not welcome.
  • Use ultrasonic devices to deter pigeons from entering your home or property.
  • Remove any food sources that might be attracting the pigeons.

 With a little effort, you can get rid of pigeons for good.

Pros & Cons of Getting rid of Pigeons.


  • The pros of getting rid of pigeons are that they are a nuisance and the plus side is that, 
  • It can reduce the number of bird droppings in an area as their droppings can be messy and unsanitary.
  • They can also carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. 
  • It can also reduce the noise that pigeons make, which can be a nuisance for nearby residents. 


  • Pigeons play an essential role in the ecosystem, and their removal could have negative consequences.
  • The cons of getting rid of pigeons are that they are a species that is declining in numbers.
  • They help to control insect populations.
  • Their droppings provide nutrients for plants.
  • Pigeons are quite intelligent and can be trained to do tricks or perform simple tasks.


In conclusion, if you need help getting rid of Pigeons, then you may implement the tips and tricks above. Don’t be inhuman and kill them, without giving them some time to get rid of; also make sure that there are no nest with baby Pigeons before applying any methods. You need to have some patience to get seeing results. Hope it helps you to keep the pigeons away from your property.


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